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Six year minor league free agents

Reds names:

Pitchers: Jason Andrew, Joel Barreto, Lance Caraccioli, Eric Eckenstahler, Juan Frias, D.J. Mattox, Tony Mounce, Travis Phelps, Jeriome Robertson, Brian Rose, Jimmy Serrano, Tom Shearn, Andy Van Hekken
Catchers: Steve Lomasney, Brian Peterson, Orlando Sulbaran
Infielders: Rick Bell, Travis Chapman, Eric Crozier, Jose Leon, Jorge Mejia, Alex Pelaez, A.J. Zapp
Outfielders: Alex Fernandez, Norris Hopper, Rob Stratton, Pedro Swann

If he's healthy I'd really like to see the Reds give Rob Stratton another shot.  And, of course, I've got a soft spot in my heart for Brian Peterson.

When it comes to Jimmy Serrano all you can really say is what the hell?  I'm still not sure why he didn't get a shot with the Reds last season.  He deserved it.

Norris Hopper, a player I'd never heard of before this season, put up decent stats at the AA level, hitting .310/.354/.368 with 25 steals.  Might as well keep him around.

I'm interested to see what they do with D.J. Mattox.  With all the investments the Reds have made in him I imagine he'll stick around.

Joel Barreto should be kept.  His K/9 rate has always been very solid, and his ERA has always been pretty low.  He could potentially be a major league reliever in a couple of years.

Everyone else I'm pretty meh on for various reasons.