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DanO to maybe think about trading an outfielder this offseason. Maybe.

Saw this over at RedsZone, DanO is finally publically admitting that trading an outfielder for pitching might not be a terrible idea, since we have a surplus of outfielders, and a lack of pitching.

Thank you Captain Obvious.

It's really going to happen this offseason!  One of Dunn, Griffey, Pena, or Kearns is really going to play for someone else!  Like, for real this time!

I miss when the Reds were active, trading, wheeling and dealing, never resting.  Those were the good old days.  Yeah they still lost quite a bit of the time, but they weren't so damn boring.

Now we get a guaranteed loser every year and nothing to talk about to boot.   Yay DanO!