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Game Thread: Houston/St. Louis

This has been a pretty great series.

8:28 PM - St. Louis (Mulder) vs. Houston (Oswalt)

It's probably just the Reds fan in me talking, but it's tough to see the Cardinals beating Roy Oswalt in a game this big.  I'd love to see Houston advance since Astros fans have had a pretty tough row to hoe.  The Astros haven't gotten the publicity of certain other hard luck franchises (like the Cubs), but they've had some rotten luck in their history.  

We have two great blogs in the network covering the Cardinals and Astros, make sure to check them out for updates and fan reaction to what's happening:

The Crawfish Boxes (Astros)

Viva El Birdos (Cards)

And of course, I hope you'll weigh in with your thoughts here on Red Reporter.

Go Astros!