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Narron Wants Bucky Dent on Staff

From the Post:

Jerry Narron's short list for the lone vacancy on his Reds coaching staff consists of one name: Bucky Dent.

"He's my first choice," Narron said Tuesday. "I was with Bucky in Texas, and he is an outstanding infield instructor. I mean, just outstanding."

Dent, 53, has spent the last three seasons as manager of the Columbus Clippers, the New York Yankees' top minor league affiliate. His record in his second stint as Clippers manager is 233-199 (.539). He also managed Columbus in 1987-89 before taking over the Yankees briefly at the end of the 1989 season and the beginning of 1990.

I'd much prefer Dent to Grady Little.  And yes, my reasoning is completely because of his decision to leave Pedro in the game.  Unfair? Yeah, but what can you do.