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Reds Minor League Roundup has a season review of the Reds minor leagues that you can find here.  

The only part I found all that interesting was Chris Denorfia and Phil Dumatrait being selected as the two players who had "breakout" seasons.  I agree on Denorfia, but Dumatrait seemed to be playing with fire all season, walking 70 in 127.2 innings.  He seems to have good stuff, but until he walks less than 4.5 per 9 IP then I can't get too excited.

I also found our 2004 third rounder's performance to be amusing:

3. Craig Tatum, C
The Mississippi State backstop landed on the DL with an elbow strain after just 37 games. He never came off, finishing with a .188 average in 128 at-bats for Dayton.

The sad thing is that this is pretty much what Tatum was projected to be - another no stick, good glove catcher.  As if the Reds don't already have enough of those.  Thankfully the 2005 draft class looks a lot more solid than it's 2004 counterpart.