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First Jayson Stark, Now Scott Miller

Scott Miller of CBS Sportsline likes the moves the Reds made this winter:

1. Cincinnati -- Smart offseason moves, but what's this year's over-under for Ken Griffey Jr. staying healthy?
Best moves: Cincinnati adding left-hander Eric Milton and Milwaukee adding outfielder Carlos Lee and catcher Damian Miller. The Reds surprised everybody with free agent Milton, who at one time this winter was ticketed for the Yankees, but signed a three-year, $25.5 million deal with the Reds instead. With a potent offense, it's a terrific move for a team that ranked 15th in the NL in ERA last season. Health -- always a concern in Cincinnati, where Ken Griffey Jr., Sean Casey, Adam Dunn and Austin Kearns have been banged up more often than not -- remains a key, but if the Reds get that, Milton will do wonders in the NL Central.
Most underrated move: Cincinnati signing Ramon Ortiz. The guy never did fulfill expectations in Anaheim, though he was very good at times. That might be enough in Cincinnati -- and it's surely better than what the Reds had last season. With Ortiz and Milton joining the rotation, the Reds are staring at respectability and have an outside chance at contending for a wild-card slot

That's just for the NL Central, so don't go thinking somebody rated the Reds offseason the best in baseball.

He's also pretty high on Milwaukee, and I have to agree with him there.  If Houston does tank, I don't think it's going to take any heat off the Reds, because both Milwaukee and Pittsburgh have the potential to be pretty good ballclubs in the coming years.