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BA Reds Top 10

Baseball America's Top 10 Reds prospects came out today, and I'm a little stunned by their list. Before we go any further here's what they came up with:

  1.  Homer Bailey  (7)
  2.  Edwin Encarnacion  (1)
  3.  Richie Gardner  (3)
  4.  Joey Votto  (2)
  5.  B.J. Szymasnki  (16)
  6.  Thomas Pauly  (8)
  7.  Todd Coffey  (10)
  8.  William Bergolla  (5)
  9.  Tyler Pelland  (30)
  10.  Paul Janish  (40)
The numbers in parenthesis are my rankings from my Top 40 list, which I'll have here in a permanent place very soon.

Homer Bailey as the overall number one prospect is an absolute travesty.  His upside might be Nolan Ryan, but he's barely thrown a professional pitch.  BA values upside more than perfomance, but you'd think they would have learned something after ranking Chris Gruler the Reds top prospect a couple of years ago.  I can't really quibble with the rest of the list, but the Homer Bailey selection shows that BA is certainly capable of being a parody of itself.