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Alright, I'm going to start fresh and get a few things down as a new introduction. While some of you have been reading me since the early days of Reds Daily (maybe even back to my Redsfaithful's Baseball Blog days) I've picked up quite a few new readers in the past few months, so I think a proper introduction is warranted.

I've been a Reds fan all my life. I honestly can't remember ever not following the team. Cincinnati won the World Series when I was nine, after a bunch of second place finishes (and the Pete Rose thing), and I can honestly say that the moment when that baseball landed softly in Todd Benzinger's glove will always rank as one of my life's greatest.

Quick personal information; I'm a college student, going for political science, and I also coach high school guys cross country and high school guys tennis in the fall and spring, respectively. I'm also engaged to be married, and that should be happening in the middle of August. I'm a lucky guy with a great girl, and you'll probably have to suffer through a few wedding pictures come August.

My goal for this site is for it to become a thriving community of Reds fans. That's why I made this move, because I know that this platform is much more friendly to that goal than Movable Type. I look at Athletics Nation with a bit of envy, and I hope we can create something like that here.

If somethings on your mind that I'm not discussing, then the new diary feature will allow you to express that, and other users will be able to comment on your post. Once the diary section starts really going I'll probably "elevate" diaries now and again to the main page.

This site should be a lot of fun. I hope all of you reading this will take the time to register and feel free to toss in your two cents. That's what this is about!

Once again, thanks for reading!