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18 Games At A Time

riverfront76 splits the season into 18 game chunks and analyzes them.

The numbers as the Cincinnati Reds stumbled down the stretch

Selective endpoints on the 2019 Reds: Games 127-144

18 Games at a time - Capsule 7

Selective endpoints on the 2019 Reds: Games 109-126

The Reds have set the stage for a run in 2020

They still have some work to do if they want that run to go far.

The Cincinnati Reds are losing their grip

Selective endpoints on the 2019 Reds: Games 73-90

These Reds are not going away without a fight

The Reds have finally hit a win streak in arguably the most important part of their schedule.

The Reds are finally playing to their expectations

Now the question is if they can do it consistently.

The Reds are running out of time to figure things out

Their hitting is slowly getting better, but is it enough to get them through a brutal stretch of games?

This is not how 2019 was supposed to go

It’s not 3-18, but it feels like it.

Looking ahead through the late-Summer drag

Injuries caused the Reds to regress in the month of August. But there’s still a lot to look forward to with this team.

18 Games at a time - Capsule 6

Selective endpoints on the 2018 Reds: Games 91-108

It feels good to be frustrated with individual losses again

Baseball is a lot more fun when you expect your team to win.

The 2018 Reds are finally the team we thought they’d be

They may not recover from their slow start, but this team is finally starting to play up to their potential.

This year’s Reds are incredibly boring

The Reds just went 10-8 over the last 18. Why did it feel so much worse?

Here come the new Reds, same as the old Reds

After an awful start, the 2018 season is playing out exactly like last season: Good offense, bad pitching.

18 Games that got Bryan Price fired

Selective endpoints on the 2018 Reds: Games 1-18.

The Reds are finally seeing improvements from their rookie starting pitchers

While it may have come later than we all liked, we are finally getting to see what the future might hold in the Reds’ rotation.

This rebuild will turn around at some point, right?

This is probably more cynical than it should be.

The All-Star Break Hangover

So much for that second half surge.

A strong first-half finish and a second-half surge

A couple of additions to the starting rotation and strong offensive performances have the Reds playing their most consistent baseball of the season.

Is the Reds’ rebuild finally about to turn the corner?

The Reds have been scuffling as of late, but the return of some stability to the rotation may finally show us what this team is capable of.

Is it time to start worrying about the Reds’ young starters?

Early returns haven’t been great, and there hasn’t been much sign of improvement.

The 2017 Reds are actually kind of fun

After three seasons of disappointment, the Reds are finally fielding a team that’s enjoyable to watch.

18 Games at a Time - Capsule 1

Selective endpoints on the 2017 Reds: Part 1.

The tear down is finally over

Now the true rebuilding can begin

The Dog Days of Baseball are here

Trudging through September baseball when there's not a lot to play for.

Even in a rebuild, the Reds can still put on a show

After all the losing in April and May, we finally have something to get excited about.

The game moves on, whether we like it or not.

Moving on from the Jay Bruce era of the Cincinnati Reds.

We've reached the halfway point

This is how it feels when a rebuilding team scuffles into the All-Star Break

Reinforcements are finally here

After hitting rock bottom in this rebuild, help couldn't have come at a better time.

The Cruelty of Being a Sports Fan

It's the hope that lets us down; It's the hope that makes it worth it.

So This Is How a Rebuild Feels

And right now, it doesn't feel very good.

The first test is out of the way

Stats and notes on the first 18 games of the season.


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