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Is it time to worry about CC Sabathia?

CC Sabathia’s recent struggles are causing concern for Yankee fans. In his last three starts, the usually durable Sabathia has posted a 0-2 record with a 10.93 ERA, allowing opposing hitters to...

New York's saviors, Day 1


For baseball fans, every Opening Day brings a sense of optimism, an expectation that this will be the year that our team comes through. "Every team's tied for first right now," we say, "We all have...

Not Enough is Said About Robinson Cano


Robinson Cano: Boom. (AP) It’s odd to think of Robinson Cano as a great career Yankee; it seems like he just arrived. Yet, Cano is 29, this is his eighth full season in the big leagues, and he...

Freddy Garcia Can Best Help the Yankees by Moving On


One of my pet causes—besides truth, justice, and the American way, I mean—is the way that managers and general managers have stuffed 25-man rosters with pitchers the way that my local diner stuffs...

Andy Pettitte: What If He Can’t Come Back?


Andy Pettitte: Working his way back to you, babe. (AP) It seems like the wait has been both too long and not long enough, but it’s there in...

David Robertson: Can the Yankees Survive Him? Of Course They Can


David Robertson: We will all get through this together. (AP) I’ve spent the roughly 12 hours since David Robertson blew his first save...

Mariano Rivera: Why the Yankees Will Survive His Loss


Mariano Rivera: A sad day, but a survivable one. Asked tonight how the possible loss of Mariano Rivera altered his bullpen, Joe Girardi...

Michael Pineda Panic in the Sky


When he managed the Toledo Mud Hens, Casey Stengel was once trying to interest the New York Giants in buying one of his pitching prospects. During a showcase performance, the pitcher was shelled....

Joba Chamberlain and Injury Risk


It's a fact of life that baseball players will get hurt. The season is too long, too grueling for them to remain healthy—teams can't even make it through spring training without seeing players head...

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