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For The Record: Cowboys 2nd Day Press Conference


Transcript of the Cowboys press conference in which Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones and Jason Garrett explain the rationale for trading up on Day Two, what they think they got in Demarcus Lawrence, and...

Better Know a Red: Jonathan Broxton


A look at Jonathan Broxton, with some analysis of the trade as well. Take home: his slider is not what it used to be, and it could badly limit his effectiveness.

Kelley mails it in, and other shocking news


Soo slooooow, these August days of hockey be. So let's react to a random dose of "news" and opinion around the league, beginning with the beloved Isles:The "I'm on vacation autotext" column. I've...

Five Things to Remember When Suggesting a Trade

  1. Players are, in effect, properties. It isn't just about their talent, but their contracts. Would you rather buy a two bedroom house for $100,000 (David DeJesus) or a three bedroom house in the same neighborhood for $250,000 (Lance Berkman)?
  2. Even without considering his contract, Jose Guillen is close to valueless on the trade market, so don't wear yourself out thinking of trade scenarios involving him.
  3. Ditto Scott Podsednik.
  4. Along the lines of #1, prospects and pre-arbitration players are extremely valuable, and teams realize this now more than ever.
  5. It is always possible that one team, even the Royals, could blatantly rip off another, but keep in mind that Dayton Moore already runs the Royals.

Analysis of a Fire Sale: The Pittsburgh Pirates, Pt. 2


In Part 1 of this series, I looked at the players that the Pittsburgh Pirates traded that I believed would provide the most value for their respective new teams. Using ZiPS rest-of-season...

Trade Value Calculator


This seems valuable as the trade deadline approaches. Plug in some salary and performance data and spit out trade value. Boom. (Of course, team context needs to be added subjectively afterwards.)

Saber-Friendly Blogging 101: Trade Value Calculator


Using the simple Excel file provided, enter some basic salary and performance data and spit out a player's trade value measured in cost savings to his team.

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