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Sports Tweets of the Week, real and fake

Before we get to my choices for this week's favorite messages, some Twitter news. This past week St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa quickly settled a lawsuit he filed against Twitter over a...

A work-up of the All Star roster, which is not worth getting worked up about

An only slightly-biased look at the NL AS roster and the Reds' snubs.

Let's Go to the Videotape: The Ankiel Meltdown

Let's Go to the Videotape ponders the question, would Rick Ankiel really want to go to the site of his death as a pitcher?

Former Miami Dolphins Czar Bill Parcells "The Bottom Line...Is Wins and Losses"

A look at Bill Parcell's appearance Monday night on ESPN 760 in West Pam Beach. The fomer Miami Dolphins football czar talked Dolphins, golf, Andrew Luck, and many other topics.

Tony LaRussa Announces Retirement

We break down the news of Tony LaRussa's retirement.

Tony LaRussa Retires

In what was widely expected to be a 9AM presser to announce a contract extension, Tony LaRussa has instead announced he is retiring after 16 seasons and 3 World Series victories with the St. Louis...


The Worldy Serious - Team Comparisons

It's interesting... Everyone keeps talking about how "hot" the Cardinals were coming to the end of the regular season.  No one notes that their opponents in the World Series were even hotter.`T...

The Evil of Two Lessers

Is an exciting, even matched World Series too much to ask for?

Tony LaRussa is Going Rogue

This is probably the highlight of the column. "You want the Cardinals to be a sabermetric-based creation? Well, you better SABR La Russa down to the ground, ’cause it’ll happen over his dead body. You want defense and a high OBP? Well, La Russa wants ballplayers who hustle and scuffle and rip the knees on their uniform pants. He wants a team of no-retreat, no-surrender players. In other words: Skip Schumaker. And TLR will always invest in Skip’s heart." Nice to see Cincinnati doesn't have the only idiot columnists.

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