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Fun with Numbers: Strikeouts vs. Ball-in-Play Outs

Guest writer BLee looks at whether strikeouts are much worse than outs made in any other fashion.

Jinaz: Is the 2009 Reds opening day outfield worse than last year's?

For the 2008 opening day squad, I have them as -6.1 runs on offense, -6.9 runs in baserunning, and a mind-blowing -41.8 runs in the field for a total production of 55 runs below average. For the 2009 opening day squad (assuming Dickerson is in LF), I have them as a miserable -33 runs/150g on offense, +8.6 runs/150 g baserunning, and +8 runs per season in the field for a total projected production of 16 runs below average. I think his methods are a little off, but for what he is trying to show, I think his point still stands. When you look at it across all of the variables, the Reds outfield might actually be improved over the 2008 Opening Day outfield.

BP's Joe Sheehan on Sports Guy Podcast


Baseball Prospectus writer and editor Joe Sheehan appears on the most recent edition of Bill Simmons' podcast for ESPN to discuss many things stats related in baseball. Although Sheehan doesn't go into minute detail, I think it might serve as an excellent primer for people here who are interested in exploring - or just having a working map of - the fever swamps of statistical analysis in baseball, but maybe don't feel like reading a lot about it. He gives the context for why certain stats are currently seen as more important than others and touches on issues past, present, and future. (I thought his short discussion about the possibility of health-related or injury-related performance projections was quite interesting) Even though Simmons isn't a great interviewer ("Okay, well, hey, let me ask you this..."), I think he actually manages to be a pretty effective interlocutor in this instance. I wasn't holding out much hope, considering his podcast with Aaron Schatz from Football Outsiders last year devolved pretty quickly into Massholism and Simmons claiming credit for thinking up stats that already exist. But, as I said, there seems to be less of that here. Or maybe Sheehan just parries it well.* Warning, it's around 45 minutes long: (*Simmons seems to have been ignorant of Line Drive Percentage: http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/statpages/glossary/#ld%)


Fun with Numbers: 40 HR and only 100 RBI? WTF?

Today, in our third installment of Fun with Numbers, we'll take a look at another oft-cited criticism of Adam Dunn.  A guy with 40 HR should drive in way more than 100 runs.  After all, there are...


Fun With Numbers: Dunn vs. The Aces

In our first installment of Fun With Numbers, we explored the prevailing notion that Adam Dunn goes in the tank with Runners in Scoring Position.  What we found, perhaps surprisingly, is that Dunn...


Sabermetric Overview Series Part VII: Evaluating Pitching

More fun with numbers today, so dust off your scientific calculators.  I'm going to try to summarize the sabermetric approach to evaluating pitching.  I've had some trouble writing this because (1)...


Sabermetric Overview Series Part V: Correlation

CorrelationOur Sabermetric Overview Series has lost some momentum (which doesn't really exist in baseball, but nevermind) so I thought I'd kick start it with a big diary about the C-word.Baseball...


Fun with numbers: Dunn with runners on base

I've long held the opinion that Dunn's low numbers with RISP have nothing to do with Dunn's ability, and are in fact the result of pitchers refusing to throw strikes with men on base.  I've...


Sabermetric Overview Series Part IV: Creating Runs

So I'm on my computer at home, looking at porn like any red- (or Reds-) blooded American, and I get an e-mail from slyde.  "TheC suggested that we have a "topic of the day" about different...


Sabermetric Overview Series Part III: The Matrix and Smallball

Today we're going to be looking at a lot of numbers, but I promise it won't be that bad. When sabermetricians talk about the Matrix they're referring to a table that shows the average number of...

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