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Odds & Ends from Reds Spring Training

So, I'm back in New York, baking chocolate chip cookies in order to bribe thank my coworkers for covering for me while I was gone.  Sorry I can't share cookies with youse guys (and TFM's are...


Bad Day at Black Rock (Reds vs. Padres)

GOODYEAR, AZ (MARCH 25, 2011) - For the second time in three days, the Reds faced the Padres.  This time, at home. It was bring your kid to work day for Jonny Gomes. (Actually, I'm not sure if...


Who ordered the salami? (Reds vs. Rangers)

GOODYEAR, AZ (MARCH 24, 2011) - I finally got around to taking a photo of the front of Goodyear Ballpark.  On game days, the front entrance is reserved for season ticket holders and disabled...


Blistering Heat (Reds v. Indians)

GOODYEAR, AZ (MARCH 17, 2011) - Fans seemed a bit puzzled at this game.  They didn't recognize any players, and it wasn't because they were all wearing green hats. It was a day game after a night...


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Reds vs. Royals)

GOODYEAR, AZ (MARCH 16, 2011) - My first game at Goodyear Ballpark was a mixed experience.  The ballpark itself is beautiful.  Parking is plentiful, and at $5, about what you expect to pay.  The...

Cactus League Game 30: Diamondbacks @ Reds


Next Game   Arizona Diamondbacks@ Cincinnati Reds Sunday, March 27, 2011 4:05 PM EDTGoodyear Ballpark Aaron Heilman vs. Scott Carroll Coverage:TV: None that I could find; RADIO: 700 WLW; WEB: M...

Intrasquad Open Thread


Reds are due to play 5 innings of Civil War at 1:05 local time, amidst a possible sandstorm. Might be a chance to break out the seldom-used Reds keffiyehs. And just in case, here's this. Probably...

Cactus League Game 1: Reds at Indians


While this game will surely be overshadowed by the return of Orlando Cabrera to face his old club, let's not forget that it's also the kick-off to Spring Training. Excellent. Despite being...

Depth Chart, circa Spring 2011: Position Players


I've never quite understood the term "position player." "Pitcher" is also a position, isn't it? So I'm not sure what distinction this makes. I've been championing the term "no pitch 'ems" for...

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