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Photo i took last year at the Reds/Cards Sunday Nite Baseball game, woo-hoo I finally got an image to post to RR!!

Without deviation from the norm (& Ronny Cedeno), regress is not possible. Reds lose 9-4.


The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game Joey Votto gorped his 6th crankwood off the facade in right field and went 2-4. If we didn't have an unwritten rule against giving this award to...

"Because that's what big leaguers do" - One More Reason Why Joey Votto is Awesome


This article was linked in the comments section of the Fangraphs article bringbackthemayor posted (H/T Fangraphs commenter Ryan). It deserves its own post, and talks about Joey Votto's days with the Hamilton, Ontario based Thunderbirds. The whole article is interesting, but the best part is easily the first few paragraphs.

Contracts for everybody!


Reds plan to tender Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Johnny Cueto, Edinson Volquez, Bill Bray and Jared Burton. No surprises, but Burton was a border case. And shouldn't they quit while they're ahead with this Jorny Vorto mope?

LOL Daugherty


"When some of us (OK, me mostly) advocated dealing, say, Votto and Homer Bailey for Oakland pitcher Joe Blanton, the Statboys came out flame-throwing numbers:" How you like me now, Daugherty? Reds weren't trying to jump a hurdle at that time. They were trying to get permission to run the race.

Stark on Reds


Votto's sovereignty: if the traditional Triple Crown doesn't work out for him, Votto is still on pace to win the "Modern Triple Crown" -- championed by my friend Joe Posnanski over at SI.com... But even if the Reds' big bopper doesn't win either trifecta, the "Double Crown" Votto is chasing would still land him in some cool company. Also the Crown Victoria, Crown Regal and Crown Heights (sentence mine). Ready your Harangues: The Reds were trying to drum up interest in Aaron Harang, even though he's been on the disabled list for a month with back spasms. Harang figures to be a potential August attraction if he resembles any semblance of his former self.

Make for your swooning divans


Joey Votto interviewed by Cincinnati Magazine. Extols virtues of OPS. Reads the The Brothers Karamazov. Occasionally accidentally reads about the Reds on the internet. I need a smelling salt.

Joey Votto Facts


Some Joey Votto "Facts," like Chuck Norris.

BK's interview with JetsMets321 from The Daily Stache


BK's interview with Mets blogger JetsMets321 over at The Daily Stache. I can't believe they didn't ask me! :)

Could Joey Votto Be the Next Todd Helton?


comparing Votto and Helton

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