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Manager of the Year & Hot Stove League Open Thread


Will anything happen?

Arroyo's Deferred Money


We still don't know how much he's getting in 2011, but John Fay reports he'll be paid until 2021, suggesting it could be well under $13M. It also suggests things are more austere than they seem. Jocketty sez: "If he hadn’t [deferred the money], we’d be way, way over budget." I can only guess that Jocketty is factoring in offers to Rhodes and Cairo here. I still see a couple million left over - even in the event of bringing both veterans back, but we won't have a clear picture until the arbitration-eligible guys settle up. Expect the Reds to wait out the market.

Jocketty discusses Zach Greinke

Asked about speculation of the Reds interest in Royals ace Zack Greinke: "I haven't had any discussions with them," Jocketty said. Updates on the quarter hour. Jocketty also dished at length on deals in the works for the Reds' arb-eligible players: "I don't see anything happening on any of that stuff here," Jocketty said.

Winter Meetings: Want/Have


Despite the nihilism (or is it crafty gamesmanship?) of the front office, we know the Reds are at least pretending at pursuing a Leadoffman - or, failing that, a coxswain. The player in question...

Hot Stove League Rankings: Short Stop


Here we look forward to 2011 at the handful of positions in which the Reds have potential openings to fill during the off-season and may tap a fresh face as Opening Day starter, whether by free...


That's It! We're Done!

Evidently, we've maxed out our budget.  I just now saw it on MLBTR, who took it from CTrent.  According to the Fay, it's about the same last year's $74MM, maybe a touch higher.  So we can more or...


Seattle has a secret (Hot Stove News)

The Seattle Mariners have made an offer to a free agent player. They won't say who it is, except that it's not Griffey. (Though they have talked to Griffey's agent.) They also admit that it's a...

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