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Reds may be looking to trade Bailey, per Sheldon


Well, huh. (Relevant stuff is in the rotation section of the article)


Game 39: Reds @ Yankees (1:05 PM EDT). Bailey vs. Nova.

Homer Bailey takes on Ivan Nova in the Game 2 of the Reds' 3 game interleague series with the Yankees. Leaving with a winning record in New York and a lifetime winning record against the Yankees is...


The Draft: Courtney Hawkins-OF-Carroll HS.

Courtney Hawkins' fastball sits in the low 90s and tops out at 94. He features an impressive slider and throws a splitter. Yet, it's with the bat that the Corpus Christi (Texas) Carroll HS star...

LOL Daugherty


"When some of us (OK, me mostly) advocated dealing, say, Votto and Homer Bailey for Oakland pitcher Joe Blanton, the Statboys came out flame-throwing numbers:" How you like me now, Daugherty? Reds weren't trying to jump a hurdle at that time. They were trying to get permission to run the race.


Eyewitness Report 5/1: Hawks Want May Day

I was full of excitement and optimism when I left for the game Saturday morning. I was full of frustration when I left. And it wasn't so much the walks haunting Carlos Fisher and Mike Lincoln as it...


Homer is Int'l League Pitcher of the Week

What do you think of him now?

Farmers Only: The one where Homer gets rocked


RR takes a look at how the Reds minor leagues did on their respective Opening Days.


Who should get the 5th spot?

I argue Bailey.  He has more upside than Owings, and I woud like to keep his positive karma going.  Owings is at best a 3 starter, Bailey could steal dominate the league.  I like Owings but I just...


sMarty on Leatherpants: MLB Home Plate, XM 175

Marty Brennaman joined Kevin Kennedy and Jeff Joyce on their "Inside Pitch" show this afternoon, primarily to discuss the Jim Bowden resignation and Marty's outspoken celebration during Sunday's...

Better than boobs! (BB Sabathia?)

CC Sabathia Homers

Better than boobs! (BB Sabathia?)

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