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Scouts takes on Alonso, Volquez, Cozart, etc


I came across this blog post from a guy who quotes (but doesn't cite) anonymous sources, mostly scouts, that he talks to in a bar near Spring Training sites in AZ. He is a Padres fan and was able to get some insight from different teams about Alonso and Volquez, among many others in the NL West. Towards the bottom of the post he included quotes about players from non NL-West teams. Someone seems to be very impressed by Zack Cozart.

Volquez was offered 4 years


Via MLB Trade Rumors, Volquez dished to El Caribe on some of the backroom dealings around arbitration-avoiding deal: "They were offering me a contract for four years, the same as Johnny Cueto, but I didn't feel it was right for me...," Volquez explained while in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic Volquez adds: "The parties remain open in case I want to sign during Spring Training or in the middle of the seasons, whenever I want."

Volquez: Final terms of the deal.


Tried to find this somewhere else in on the site, including the previous thread on Volquez, but was unsuccessful. So I am sorry if someone else has already announced the exact specifics. Not trying to steal anyone's thunder. The deal is a one-year contract worth $1,625,000. Contract includes $50,000 in performance bonuses: $25,000 each for 24 and 28 starts.

Reds mulling multi-year deal with Volquez


Volquez was like "$2 million" and the Reds were all "$1.3 million." So now they're working out a deal, with one-year and multiple years still on the table. The Reds clearly have an interest in cost-certainty, given the wealth or potential arb cases they've been facing over the next few years, but they also have no pressing need to reduce Volquez's 2011 salary. Is this a good buy-low scenario?

Contracts for everybody!


Reds plan to tender Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Johnny Cueto, Edinson Volquez, Bill Bray and Jared Burton. No surprises, but Burton was a border case. And shouldn't they quit while they're ahead with this Jorny Vorto mope?


Edinson Volquez on pace for historic season

While perusing some stats on Baseball-Reference.com, I noticed that Volquez is currently leading the NL in Adjusted ERA+ at 304.  Now I’m vaguely familiar with this statistic, and while I don’t...

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