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Phillips and Morgan

If you are a Reds Rabble Rouser, you have likely been made aware of the similarities in stats between past Reds 2nd baseman Joe Morgan and the current one, Brandon Phillips. Fox Sports Net showed a...

Reds sign Ryan Ludwick


Ken Rosenthal reports that it's a one year deal, with $ 2.5 million guaranteed. Here's hoping that someone convinces him it's 2008.

The Hardball Times' Top Ten Postseason Series Of All Time


The 1975 Reds-Red Sox World Series comes in at #3. Wait, the Reds won that series? I thought Carlton Fisk won the series, defeated the Reds, and saved the world from alien invasion with his home run off the foul pole in game 6. Sadly, I think they got it wrong. The best postseason series I've ever seen in my life comes in at #2, when it should have been at the top.


Fayman's Terms: The First 30(ish) Days

It's been fairly well documented that a number of us in the RR Universe love Twitter. This love may not be as unconditional as the amorous feelings we display for our Favorite Team™, but it's...

The Reds signed outfielder David Cook, according to Eddy (on Twitter). The 29-year-old has a...


The Reds signed outfielder David Cook, according to Eddy (on Twitter). The 29-year-old has a .258/.369/.468 line in eight minor league seasons.


BK's interview with JetsMets321 from The Daily Stache


BK's interview with Mets blogger JetsMets321 over at The Daily Stache. I can't believe they didn't ask me! :)


Eyewitness Report 5/1: Hawks Want May Day

I was full of excitement and optimism when I left for the game Saturday morning. I was full of frustration when I left. And it wasn't so much the walks haunting Carlos Fisher and Mike Lincoln as it...

Reds Pursuing Brian Giles


URL is behind EPSN pay wall, but here's what mlbtraderumors.com had to say: Within a piece which focuses on yesterday's non-tender decisions, ESPN.com's Buster Olney mentions that a handful of clubs are interested in Brian Giles, including the Yankees and Reds. It's still up in the air whether teams will be willing to offer Giles more than a minor league contract. Petey sez: Minor League deal w/ ITST sounds delicious to me for a potential low-risk/high-reward candidate like Giles. I think he's done, but in 147 games in 2008, he had an OPS of .854 while playing in very pitcher-friendly Petco Park. Park Factor stats: Over 100 favors batters, under 100 favors pitchers. multi-year: Batting - 88, Pitching - 88; one-year: Batting - 88, Pitching - 89 He's gonna be 39 in 2010, and his SLG took a dive in 2003 JUST BEFORE his trade to the Padres. But the man has gotten on base to the tune of a career OBP of a cool .400 in 15 seasons, which is reason enough for me to see if he has any left in the tank, despite a horrible 2009 campaign in which he hit .191/.277/.271 for an OPS of .548 in 61 games. He's only a year removed from finishing 6th in the league in OBP with 56 extra-base hits. He's no perfect fit, as he's a lefty RF'er, not a righty LF'er. But his upside intrigues me enough to see if he can look sharp in Goodyear. But, WOW, that 2009 line was weak. So I checked it out. The man got off to a TERRIBLE slump, even against righties, whom he normally CRUSHES to the tune of a .950+ OBP. In mid-June, he had a right-knee strain that he has since recovered from...but by the time he had healed in mid-July, the Padres were in full youth-movement mode, so he rode the pine. Yes, career stud can fall off a table like that at age 38. But he almost only slumped in a pair of 12-game stretches of his 225 AB's last year. Here's how it went down: goes 1-for-4 int the 2009 Season opener hits .143 for 12 games hits .261 for 5 games hits .093 for 12 games cranks up a .967 OPS for 6 games goes hitless for 3 games cranks it again to a .899 OPS for 12 games, hitting in 9 straight starts goes 2-for-14 hits .313 for 4 games ends the season with an 0-for-11 streak (strained knee?) So if we discount the final 0-for-11 to injury, then really the only gripe we have with Brian beyond his age is a pair of 12-game slumps last year? That's all Sign him up. Let's see what he can do, and send him immediately to the Mexican Pacific League to work out with their active teams for rest of the month and into the playoffs. Whatchathinks?

Reds still trying to sign Craig Counsell


MLB.com's Adam McCalvy says the Brewers upped their offer to Craig Counsell this morning and GM Doug Melvin is confident they'll get it done. The Reds are still in the mix for Counsell, says MLB.com's Mark Sheldon.

RR Gathering - Are You F'ing Kidding Me?


So as previously reported, obc, Ash, BK and myself met up at the famous Terry's Turf Club for a burger tonight. Obc and I were early arrivals as usual, and we bided our time with a couple of...

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