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How did Jocketty do this off-season?


Walt Jocketty had an interesting off-season that started out quite but then blossomed into some big deals. What grade would you give him and his staff?

Red Reposter - The Reds + Cabrera - Taveras = Smile


What a difference, huh?"In the last three weeks -- beginning with the surprise Jan. 11 signing of Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman through Monday's signing of veteran shortstop Orlando Cabrera and...

Let's all welcome Aaron "Harnann" Miles to the club!


Some facts about the Reds new infielder, Aaron Miles.


For Your Consideration: A 2010 Depth Chart

Will Reds braintrust decide to drink the Hi-C? After a lustrous winter of moderate-to-low interest in my ratings-challenged critical darling, Toward a 2010 Depth Chart series, I've culled the...


Petey's New Stat Corner: ED'S OPS

  Howdy, gang! It's your old pal Petey, here to share another RR-exclusive stat for you to use and share with your friends! Today's stat is ED'S OPS, which stands for EveryDay Starter On-base Plus...

Red Reposter - More on Chapman and the Reds Winter Caravan


Sheldon takes us step-by-step through the process of signing ChapmanThe Reds were in negotiations the whole time, since Chapman's big workout in front of the league in mid-December. Chapman's...

Red Reposter - Because We Haven't Talked About Aroldis Chapman Yet!


Here is scouting director Chris Buckley's take on ChapmanBasically, he thinks he's a very rare talent. 9 different scouts watched him throw, and apparently they all agree that Crest is the best...

Aroldis Chapman - 5-year/$30 million contract.

The Reds have signed 22-year old Cuban phenom Aroldis Chapman to a 5-year/$30 million contract.

Aroldis Chapman Agrees to Deal with Mysterious NL Team. Could it be the Reds?


Could the Reds be the mysterious NL team to land Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman?

Red Reposter - Anyone Have a Poking Stick? Someone Should Make Sure the Reds Aren't Dead...


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is usually the quietest time of the year for baseball.  The Reds haven't made any really interesting news in quite a while, but Slyde gave me a quota to fill...

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