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Is The World Baseball Classic To Blame?


The Mets sent a lot of good players to the WBC this year, and most of them either got hurt or were bad in 2009.

Kosuke Fukudome's WBC Failures in PITCHf/x


A little PFX on plate discipline - or Fukudome's odd version of it.

Omedetou Gozaimasu!


Congrats to Japan for repeating as World Baseball Classic champions!  Japan played well and well earned their title after a very exciting 5-3 victory over South Korea in 10 innings.  The game kept...

WBC Game Thread? Japan vs Korea...Anyone?


My interest waned a bit with the exit of the Nationals' players involved...just wanted to see if anyone was watching?

WBC Pitch Speeds Revisited


After round one in Toronto, I found that each pitcher who played in a WBC game there was throwing the ball slower than a previous outing in the same park.  Depending on which game you picked, you...

Monday Rockpile: Chris Iannetta to return today


Now that the United States has been eliminated from the World Baseball Classic we can all look forward to the Korea-Japan championship. Oh, and Chris Iannetta's return to Tucson. Here's a s...

Morning Prowl: No Hits, Porcello's Pitch Count, Bell's Beer, and Mauer's Back


A daily trip around the Detroit Tigers news cycle and blogosphere, including the return of the team's starting outfield, Rick Porcello's performance against the Yankees, an in-depth interview with...

How Davey Johnson Lost the World Baseball Classic


I don't usually write about MLB on my SEC blog, Team Speed Kills -- while I'm a general baseball fan, my main interest is in the Cubs, and Al does a fine job here. (And anything Cub-related, I put in FanPosts.) But being irritated at Johnson's subpar managing through the tournament, and especially Sunday night's, I decided to write a full post on TSK. Thought I'd share it with the community, for those interested.

OT: How Davey Johnson Lost the World Baseball Classic


How the World Baseball Classic was lost -- and why it makes one fan less likely to tune in next time.

WBC Game Thread: March 22, 2009


United States vs. Japan, 8:00 PM (ESPN) World Baseball Classic, Semifinal #2 Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California The starting pitchers are Roy Oswalt (USA) and Daisuke Matsuzaka (JPN).

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