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World Baseball Classic Thread: 3/18


The USA and Korea both earned semifinal berths with a win yesterday. Puerto Rico goes home, and Japan is relegated to the loser's bracket to face Cuba today. via www.newsday.com  Yesterday P...

World Baseball Classic Thread: 3/17


What does Yu Darvish have that Jung-Keun Bong doesn't? Well, for one thing, his own persian rose perfume. via www.darvish-gallery.com More hotness to come.Yesterday: Pool 1: Cuba 7 Mexico 4 M...

World Baseball Classic Thread: 3/16


The US team survives, but is bogged down with more injuries, Venzuela and Puerto Rico play for a guaranteed semifinal spot, and Cuba and Mexico try to stave off elimination against each other. v...

World Baseball Classic Thread: 3/15


Sorry about missing yesterday - been on the road. Yesterday marked the opening games of round 2. A few notes: It's still double elimination. Pitch limits are now at 85. Pool 1: Japan, Korea,...

World Baseball Classic Thread: 3/12


Yesterday's recap after the break. Today's Game: Pool B: 9:00 PM - Mexico v. Cuba By beating Australia yesterday, Mexico earned itself a place in Pool 1, and a match with Cuba today to determine...

World Baseball Classic Recap and Game Thread, 3/11


The Dutch beat the Dominicans. I tried to think of something pithy and pun-tastic about the Netherlands to say here, but clearly that wasn't going to happen. via 2.bp.blogspot.com A depitction...

World Baseball Classic Discussion and Game(s) Thread: 3/10


An upset and a near upset last night, and two rematches in the works today.  via www.southernledger.comYesterday's Games: Pool B: Game 3 - Mexico 14 South Africa 3 Not an altogether...

World Baseball Classic Previews/Game Thread: 3/9


Now with fewer mistakes and less suck! (well, kinda). This'll be pretty short. Today's Games: Pool B: Game 3 - 10:00 PM EDT - South Africa v. Mexico This could be an interesting game, where,...

World Baseball Classic talk: 3/9


Another big upset, the US wins again, and the Dominican redeems itself. Game summaries and previews after the break.   via www.javno.com   Note: there was totally an accident: This was not...

World Baseball Classic update: 3/8


Big day of games yesterday. (I would've updated last night, but I was flying to Michigan.) One big upset,  couple minor ones. You guys know the scores, but I'll recap after the break.   via w...

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