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Spring Game 33 Thread: Pirates at Reds


And so, the end of the Reds run at Ed Smith Stadium is here.  They are a combined 99-84-2 as the home team at Ed Smith, so a win today will put them at the century mark in wins with a winning pct...

Spring Game 32 Thread: Reds at Astros


Sorry about the lack of posting this morning.  I'm getting burnt out on Spring Training and I had more pressing matters for my real job.  We'll try to avoid any such gaps during the season,...

Spring Game 31 Thread: Yankees at Reds


It's the second-to-last game at tired old Ed Smith Stadium.  Try to keep from getting too misty. Today we'll see Micah Owings take on Joba Chamberlain.  Owings had 5 walks in his last start, but...

Spring Game 30 Thread: Reds at Pirates


Johnny Cueto vs. Ross Ohlendorf.  That's all the analysis you get.  Isn't it about time for these Spring Training games to be over? No EdE in the lineup again.  Might as well put him on the DL...

Spring Game 29 Thread: Rays at Reds


Just three more games in Sarasota for the Reds, including this one.  It's the last time this season they'll face the Rays and it's a rubber match of sorts as the teams are an eeven 2-2 against...

Spring Game 28 Thread: Reds at Rays


And so we start the last weekend in Florida.  The Reds are 1-2 against the Rays this Spring and will be facing them both today and tomorrow.  Edinson Volquez takes the mound for the Redlegs.  As...


The Not-So-Grand Finale (Red Sox at Reds, Chapter 2)

Other posts in this series: Into each life a little rain must fall (Reds at Phillies) Rey-Rey is a Bay Ray (Reds at Rays) The Innermost Circle of Hell Is Reserved For Scalpers (Reds vs. Red...

Spring Game 27 Thread: Reds at Yankees


And finally we've reached the point where we don't have to wonder if the Reds are on the radio anymore.  For the rest of the season, it is true.  The Reds are on the radio. Tonight Aaron Harang...

Spring Game Thread 26: Twins at Reds


The Reds keep shooting themselves in the foot with these night games during the NCAA tournament, don't they?  Micah Owings is pitching for the Reds today, in what's probably his most important...

Spring Game 25 Thread: Red Sox at Reds


Not only am I tired of the Reds playing games that don't mean anything, but I'm tired of them playing them against the same teams all of the time.  At least this time the Red Sox brought a decent...

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