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Reds Trade David Weathers to the Brewers for a Player to Be Named


The Cincinnati Reds have traded right-handed reliever David Weathers to the Milwaukee Brewers for a player to be named later.

They see me Rolen, they hatin'


Reds acquire Scott Rolen for Edwin Encarnacion and two pitchers.

Friday Trade Deadline Open Thread


In the absense of the Reposter the past few days, these threads have been pretty lively.  The Reds havent been so lively, with only one minor move so far, but there have been some pretty big rumors...

Thursday Trade Deadline Open Thread


We've got an early game today, so I'm going to go ahead and throw up a quick trade thread, though if something goes down with the Reds I'm sure it'll get mentioned everywhere.  The biggest rumor so...

Reds Acquire Wladimir Balentien from the Mariners for Robert Manuel


Reds Acquired right-handed outfielder Wladimir Balentien from the Seattle Mariners, hopefully in an attempt to add some right-handed pop to the lineup.

Trade Deadline: Things are Starting to Heat Up...for other teams


It looks like two big deals have already gone down today.  First, the Pirates traded Jack Wilson and Ian Snell to the Seattle Mariners for Jeff Clement, Ronny Cedeno, Aaron Pribanic, Brett Lorin...

Red Reposter - 7/23/09


Bronson Arroyo seemed a little bitter that he didnt get to stay in to face Manny Ramirez last nightRamirez came in to pinch-hit after Arroyo gave up a pair of walks and a single with one out in...


Scouts Busy in Cincinnati - Veteran Pitchers Availale

Rumors are flying that the Reds might have some veteran pitchers available.

Red Reposter - 7/13/09


Do you remember where this team was a month-and-a-half ago?I do. With what happened to Jay Bruce, this in particular has been running through my head all weekend. John Fay wants to see Chris...

Question of the Night: What Type of Deal Should the Reds Make?


The Cincinnati Reds are at a crossroads right now. They are close to being competitive, but probably not close enough. So, the question is, should they be buyers or sellers over the next two weeks?

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