Stat-Colored Glasses

The Reds vs. rookie starters


Do the Reds struggle against rookie starters?

Red 'Rithmetic - Doubles & Walks


1.23 BB/KSince the start of the 2009 season (Hanigan's first full season) Ryan Hanigan has 143 walks compared to only 87 strikeouts. That is good for a 1.23 BB/K ratio during that span, ranking...

Innings paces for the Reds' pitching staff, with 30 games to go


Here's a data dump in honor of "Thirsty (for data) Thursday": Pitcher Age Current IP Pace 2011 3 yr avg 3 yr high Johnny Cueto 26 181.2 222.0 156.0 169.2 185.2 Mat Latos 26 168.2 206.0 194.1 ...

Comparable players that you probably didn't expect would be comparable


So I was tooling around Baseball-Reference this morning. It's such a neat place. They are stacked to the rafters over there with really neat information. I think it's neat. Anyway, check out...

Red Reporter Gives Back: Don't Be An Idiot (18 Game Capsule #7)


No one's ever gone broke underestimating the American public, but I'll posit a guess that all who are reading this are aware of the amazing and remarkable fact that the Reds hold a 44 - 5 record...

We Get a Kick Out of You, Todd Frazier


To watch Todd Frazier play is to watch a throwback. Frazier, a supplemental 1st round draft pick out of Rutgers in the 2007 amateur draft, was a highly regarded shortstop with a pedigree of...

Red 'Rithmetic - The Red Reporter Bump


3 games: .462/.462/1.154, 3 doubles, 2 HR, 5 RBIHere you see the production from Jay Bruce since sitting down to chat with us. Clearly this is no coincidence. Hopefully Bruce is in the early...

If you remember Candlebox, then this post's for you (18 Game Capsule #6)


There were, according to the people who count such things, 153,747 babies born in the state of Ohio in 1995. Assuming uniform seasonality of births, a made-up-on-the-spot 25% chance of the kid...

Series Preview: Reds at Brewers


The Reds face off with the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brew Crew aren't terrible...they're just not that good.

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