Stat-Colored Glasses

Hamilton is neither Henderson nor Coleman


In the midst of his surprisingly good rookie season, we look at Billy Hamilton through multiple lenses.

Johnny Cueto FIPs the Script


The ace of the Reds pitching staff doesn't pitch the way he's supposed to. He pitches better than that.

Screeching to a Halt: Nightmare Ludwick & Cozart


Worst case scenarios for two key members of the Reds' offense.

To the Max! Dream Forecasting Hamilton and Frazier


Best case scenarios for two key members of the Reds' offense.

The Dustification of Chris Heisey


Is it possible that Dusty Baker stunted Heisey's development?

Labor Day Leaderboard Lookout


A look at the chase for black ink as the calendar flips to September.

Joey Votto Vs. The Dollar Sign


Just how good has the Reds' 1B been this season?

How they do it in Cincinnati, on the basepaths


The Reds are laggards when it comes to stealing bases. But are they bad baserunners?

Lamenting Lineups. Don't Fear the LOOGY


Since 2010 Jay Bruce has been great against left-handed pitching. Can he hit clean-up now?

The Brandon Phillips Paradox


The season that the Reds' 2B is currently having makes no sense. It's impossible. There's only one way it could possibly be happening: he's pranking us all.


This team isn't dead, nor dying


The second 18 game stretch produced another ten wins. So why is there so much negativity surrounding the club?

Joey Votto and the all-time Reds


How good is Joey Votto? How far can he go? Where does he rank all-time?

Brandon Phillips keeps on rollin'


Brandon Phillips and the franchise's best second basemen

Jay Bruce moves on up


Jay Bruce is now an official member of the Red Reporter Top 100! How high up? Come see...

Bronson Arroyo and the all-time Reds


Mr. Durable bounces back; where does he rate in the Reds pantheon?

Johnny Cueto, the Top 100, and you


Another great season by Cincy's ace. What does it mean with respect to the list of all-time greats, and why isn't he better appreciated?

Ryan Hanigan and the all-time Reds list


Ryan Hanigan, Johnny Bench, and the Reds pantheon...

The all-time Reds: Drew Stubbs


How far did Stubbs rise in the ranks of the Reds pantheon this year? Or did he drop...?

Updating the Top 100: Scott Rolen


Where does Scott Rolen rank in the Redleg pantheon?

Game One: Pitching Preview


The hour is finally upon us. After two weeks of generally meaningless games, our Cincinnati Reds begin the quest for their sixth World Series championship tonight in San Francisco.

NLDS Stathead Preview: Reds at Giants


The Giants and Reds look evenly matched, but the Reds are better in the bullpen and in their defense. Will it be enough to topple the Giants' pitching staff?

The Tao of Dusty


Looking at the final 18 games of the Reds' 2012 season, with a poorly trained Eastern philosophical bent.

Reds 'Rithmatic - It all adds up to playoffs


This week's Reds number run down courtesy of Red 'Rithmatic

Nearing the End (18 Game Capsule #8)


Do you know the exact moment you became a Reds fan? I do. It was April 14, 1947, nearly 30 years before I was born. A teenage boy, with a group of friends, camped out overnight at Crosley Field for...

Red 'Rithmetic - Avoiding the cliff


Toward the end of the baseball season, players should avoid wandering too close to the edge of the precipice while looking at their numbers. When you fall over the edge, you are swallowed up by...

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