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On Ryan Hanigan, and an Author's Shortcomings

That one time I pretended to be something I was most clearly not.

On Ryan Hanigan, and an Author's Shortcomings


That one time I pretended to be something I was most clearly not.


Casting Complete for 2013 Reds Movie

Within weeks we will begin principal photography on a feature film that will follow the 2013 Reds from spring training through their World Series victory parade. While very true to life, the movie...


Cormac McCarthy: A 2013 KC Royals Preview

Ed Note. We've invited a range of celebrities to preview the other MLB teams this year. First up is famed author Cormac McCarthy, who is almost 80 years old and has no connections to Kansas City....

It's Hotels and Whiskey and Sad-Luck Dames


With help from -MBP and all of you, it's one man's remembrance of Ryan Freel



Red Reporter interviews Duane Rhodes, the individual credited with starting "The Woo" at Great American Ballpark.

Two legit to quit

The Reds equaled their 2010 win total and "clinched a post-season berth" yesterday - the latter of which is certainly a positive but does not really feel like anything. We're still counting down...

Red Reporter Interviews Jay Bruce (Part 2)


The final portion of our interview with Jay Bruce. I asked Jay about the "thrill" of hitting a go-ahead home-run, and 10 hours later Bruce did exactly that. In addition, Jay rejected our idea...

Red Reporter Interviews Jay Bruce (Part 1)


Yesterday I was at GABP to interview Jay Bruce as part of a promotion put on by Head & Shoulders (details below). The proceeds from the event, totaling $15,000, went to the Reds Community Fund. H...

Red Reporter went to the Fox box, acted important

Red Reporter recaps our trip to Fox Sports Ohio's outer sanctum at Great American Ball Park.


A Children's Treasury of Images From Aug. 4's Ballgame

I'm no BubbaFan or BubbaProg. But I was real bored and amused myself with freeze frames. I suggest you join me now and amuse yourself in much the same way. First off, we have Todd Frazier fouling...

Red Reporter Interviews Barry Larkin, HOF


In many ways, my idolization of Barry Larkin developed because there was symmetry between his career and my life. Larkin is exactly 20 years older than me. His career with the Reds organization...


Base Ball: 1864

Roxbury, NY (July 8, 2012) - Last Sunday, I went to the Catskills town of Roxbury to see the Roxbury Nine, a vintage baseball team. The "hurler" of the Roxbury Nine in action. The vintage look...


The 2012 Draft: A Recap.

The Cincinnati Reds took a huge step toward restocking a trade-depleted farm system the last three days, selecting 42 players in the 2012 MLB First-year Player Draft. The Reds went pitching heavy,...


Red Reporter Field Trip: Taking in BP at GABP, but not with BP

First of all, we cannot thank Lisa Braun enough for setting up this awesome experience. We (jch24, BK, FordhamRam, and myself) were invited by her to come check out batting practice and get a...


The Draft: Reds all-time best, 1 through 40.

When the 2012 MLB Draft slogs along in the later rounds and I'm typing a report on the Reds' latest phenom from Opossum Hollow Junior College, you might be tempted to go do something else. Ah,...

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