RR Podcast 10: Early Returns


9 games into the season, and the Chicken Littles are out in full force. FordhamRam and KMiB join me to talk about: Are we panicking? Billy Billy Billy Latos's latest setback Shortstop...

RR Podcast Episode 9 - Pre-season jitters


We're back in the best shape of our lives. I was joined by FordhamRam and KMiB to talk about: The offseason (this is a short conversation) Bryan Price hire Mat Latos' injury Ryan Ludwick's...

Podcast 8 Pre-Thread: Slyde Edition!



RR Podcast 7: Underoverratedness


The RR podcast crew is back in the basement with another show. I was joined by AC Slider, KMiB, and FordhamRam to talk about... Is Joey Votto underrated? Is Brandon Phillips overrated? Scott...

Podcast 7 Pre-Thread: Submit your questions here!


Questions from you are needed.

RR Podcast Episode 6: All-Star Breakin'


We're back with an all-new episode, recorded over the All-Star break. FordhamRam, KMiB, Grahamaphone, and I break down what we can expect to see happen through the second half and answer tons of...

RR Podcast Episode 5: The Sean Casey Memorial Show


We recorded an abbreviated last-minute episode the other day, with our friend and yours The Vole in town from New York. He's a natural at podcasts. We recorded this in the first inning of Tuesday's...

RR Podcast Episode 4: The Chris Heisey Conundrum


Check out our latest podcast!

RR Podcast Episode 3: The Cueto Contingency Plan


This week's edition is a slightly shorter version that usual, but is packed full of important topics. We touch on the latest Cueto injury and his future, talk about the bullpen, and Shin-Soo Choo's...

RR Podcast Episode 2 - The Drunky Ray Awards!


Here's this week's installment of the Red Reporter podcast! This was recorded during Wednesday night's game, so you'll see live commentary. There's plenty of good twitter banter, and a 5-way affair...


Red Reporter Podcast - Episode 1


And now, some actual news! We decided that we need to get into the podcast realm here at RR, so we recorded one. We're planning on making this a weekly thing. We aren't on iTunes yet, but I'm...

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