Peer into the Future

Red Reporter Previews: St. Louis Cardinals

Breaking down the 2013 National League Central Champs.

RR Previews: NL West

A glance at the five teams that packed up their covered wagons and rode towards the setting sun in search of cool people.

RR Previews: NL East, with nothing pleasant

Five teams are in this division, and I can't think of anything nice to say about any of them.

Five Dumb Predictions: Let's get Stoopy Domb

Five predictions, sure to go wrong.

Five Dumb Predictions: The Dumbest Yet

So dumb that it's not even five.

Five not particularly well thought out predictions

Find out why they used to call me "Prescient Ken"

Five dumb predictions for 2014: The Dumbening

Is it dumb in here or is it just me?

Five Dumb Predictions for 2014: BBB's Edition.

Hop on the crazy train. It's gonna get cray cray.

Five Dumb Predictions for 2014

Everybody's doing it wrong. Now I do it wrong.

The Reds Opening Day Starter

Who'll toe the rubber for the first pitch of 2014?


That One "Wow" Season

Projections demand a finite number, but expectations allow for a range. Can we hope for the top end?

Optimism? What's That?

It's been too gloomy here for the last few weeks. I don't like gloomy.

A Job-Defining Winter

A dearth of outside options. A glut of big contracts. The spotlight is on Walt Jocketty's ability to be creative this offseason.

Catch-61: Signing Arroyossarian

The negotiations will be simple and complex, complex and simple. Or simple. Or complex.

Picking Up the Pieces.

Yep, it still sucks. Where do the Reds look from here?

Bromancing the Stone: The Jewel of Denial.

The elder statesman of the Reds' pitching staff stares down what could be his last start in Cincinnati.

Decision Day for Chapman?

This is the last article about Chapman becoming a starter. Until he becomes a reliever again.

Mark your calendar: '13 Reds Milestones

For those keeping score at home. Using a bloated, creepy-looking spiral notebook.

Reds' 2013 payroll worksheet

Smudging the ledger.

The future of Sappelt in The Show

ON Sappelt.

2011 Reds Predictions Thread

Reds in 2011.

Steve Sommer talks about the Cardinals

Steve Sommer talks to us about the Cardinals.

How replaceable is Brandon Phillips?

The Reds have a decision looming regarding Brandon Phillips. If they don't want to sign him long-term, what kind of alternatives are available?

Examining Joey Votto's past; assessing his future

If you are not yet aware, Joey Votto is good at playing baseball.  We at Red Reporter are committed to bringing you the hard-hitting analysis you deserve, so there you go. In fact, as of Friday,...

55 Wins through 100; Now what?

What does history tell us about teams that are at 55 wins after 100 games?

Projecting Drew Stubbs

Projecting Drew Stubbs

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