Spring Training Roundup - The Goods


Reds fans watched a jarring Spring on the injury front, but there were at least a few positive developments in Goodyear.

Five Dumb Predictions 2014: Dumber Still


In case you haven't had enough dumb predictions yet

Reds Rock Early, Stumble Late. Offseason 5, Reds 2


The Reds wrapped up the offseason with a whimper...but that means the offseason is over.

It's been a hard winter, right


And I've been writing for a blog.

Boring Offseason? A Minor Rebuttal


You can call the Reds' offseason a lot of things. "Boring" isn't one of them.

Chicken Soup for Your Reds Soul


I hated those books. Who am I kidding? I never read any of them.

Minding the Process


Passing the torch is rarely easy, but in baseball you sometimes need to find out what you've got the hard way.

Has Walt Jocketty Overplayed His Hand?


As the market for Catchers continues to shake out, will the Reds be stuck with one too many?

Reds to re-sign Manny Parra to a 2yr, $5.5M deal


Reported by Jon Heyman, confirmed by The Fay: Jon Heyman is reporting the #Reds signed Manny Parra for two years, $5.5 million. Reds will probably make it official a week or two. — John Fay...

Optimism? What's That?


It's been too gloomy here for the last few weeks. I don't like gloomy.


SBN GM Sim: Y2


Sports Blog Nation's General Manager Simulation: Year Two - ALBLY

Freditorial - 12/19


Your old friend Fred Regorter is back again, taking one last shot at Drew Stubbs as the door hits him on the ass on his way out of town.

Rule 5 Draft Preview


Is there anything to see here?

Non-tender loving care: New FAs to consider


These little guys need a home.

Reggie Sanders takes a bow


Former Reds great Reggie Sanders made the Hall of Fame ballot this year, but chances are it will be a one-and-done for him. Other former Reds appearing: Royce Clayton, Jeff Conine, Todd Walker and...

An unreasonable plan for the Winter Meetings


A fanblog's completely unreasonable plan for the Reds at the Winter Meetings

Manager of the Year & Hot Stove League Open Thread


Will anything happen?

Rookie of the Year Announcement Open Thread


BBWAA Jackie Robinson Rookies of the Year in the AL and NL announced tonight.

2012 in Review: The Outfield


It's hard to think of The Outfield without thinking of this. Or at least it will be after you click on that link. There is some symmetry between that 1986 annoying-hair smash hit and the 2012 Reds....

I'm thinkin' arbies


John Fay reminded us today that Chris Heisey and Logan Ondrusek qualify as "Super Twos" this offseason. That means they have enough days of service time above two years to qualify for their first...

2012 Gold Glove Announcement Show Open Thread


Let's see if no one wins.

Reds' 2013 payroll worksheet


Smudging the ledger.

Next up this offseason: Free agency


Speed dating the hot stove.

2012 Injury Outlook - Pitchers


In case you forgot the objective of the exercise, we're looking at what to expect for Reds players as far as injuries are concerned. At least to what little extent we can hone our expectations on...

2012 Injury Outlook - Hitters


Injuries are an inherently unpredictable thing in sports. Still, you can make some observations, notice trends, factor in some generalizations (like old players being more likely to miss games...

New at the Red Reporter Reference Desk


Information you probably won't find anywhere else.

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