Organizational Injury Report 4/7/14

Broxton and Mesoraco to return early this week

Red Reposter celebrates (the real) Opening Day

Here's to baseball - and you UK fans.

Red Reposter - Previewing 2014

Injuries, inactivity, inauspicious outlook

Red Reposter - the light's winning

Trying to see the glass half-full in the middle of an uneventful March.

Red Reposter - Spring Checkup

The bats get in gear; the Holy Grail of fielding metrics debuts.

Baseball and Red Reposter Are Here

The end of our winter of discontent.

Red Reposter - It's still January

Idle speculation, Arroyo analysis, and other team's minor league signings. Pitchers and catchers report soon, right?

Red Reposter: More Stasis

The Reds and SBNation haven't done much since yesterday.

Red Reposter - scraping the bottom of the barrel

Status quo on the Manager search; Derek Bell declares Operation Shutdown over.

Injury Update 9/22 - Marshall and Cueto Are Back

Cueto makes return and as starting pitcher, Marshall back in Reds bullpen, Cingrani's back injury worse than hoped, Choo DTD


Red Reposter - Happy Birthday, Joey Votto!

Votto's 30, Wladdy's making history, and Grant Brisbee is a butt shovel.

Red Reposter: Oh BP...

Reds All-Stars vs. The World


Reds. vs. Cardinals. /nods head

Injury Report - Surgery Ends Broxton's Season

Broxton's surgery ends his season, Cingrani moves to DL, plus minor league updates

Red Reposter - 38 games left and they will be omg

Monday's Reds stories from all around the

OIR 8/18 - Cueto Unlikely to Return as SP

A bit of good news for Sean Marshall, bad news for Johnny Cueto, a bunch of minor league injury updates and revisions

OIR - 8/12 Ludwick's Back!

Ludwick to return to the lineup tonight; Hanigan and Broxton also back in action; Corky Miller on DL; huge Masset setback (again), Reds career likely over

Red Reposter - Oh, it was awful. So, so awful.

The Reds lost big to the Cardinals this weekend, but is it the beginning of the end or just a game lost in the standings?

Red Reposter - Trade deadlines and dead tradelines

In this edition, we discuss the upcoming trade deadline, Jay Bruce's success against lefties, and the top prospects down on the farm

Organizational Injury Report - 7/28 On Ludwick

When might Ludwick return and how will he hit when he does? Minor league injury updates too.

Red Reposter - All-Star breakin', money makin'

Break timeIt's now the All-Star break, which means no Reds baseball until Friday. I can assure you though, I will check my fantasy teams every morning anyway because of habit. When they return from...

Organizational Injury Report 7/14 Ailing Catchers

Hanigan DL'ed again, Meso hurting means return of Corky; Heisey trying to spark offense since returning, bullpen doesn't need much help as it turns out, plus minor league injury updates.

Red Reposter - God exists and She hates you

In this edition, my therapist has dollar signs in her eyeballs because the Reds are possibly thinking about Jeff Francouer and that means I would, medically speaking, drop all my shit so hard.

Three Reds Named to All-Star Team

Votto, Phillips, and Chapman look to secure WS home field advantage for Cincinnati.

Dour fans, balky Johnny, and Parra pitchin' pretty

In this edition, we ponder the origins of some fans' fickleness, Johnny Cueto's bum shoulder, and the surprising effectiveness of Manny Parra.

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