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Red Reposter - Bob Steve, Streakin', & Off-Day SIS

Just in case you're inclined to read about Reds baseball on a day when they don't play.

Red Reposter - Dingers, Votto, & Jackie Robinson

Breaking down the news of the day.

Red Reposter - Return to GABP Edition

The Reds are back at GABP for a six game stretch, with the Tampa Bay Rays on tap first.

Mat Latos is Kinda Sorta Not Really Hurt

Though we don't know exactly how kinda not hurt.

Red Reposter - Chicken Little Was Fiction Edition

Because - contrary to popular belief, it seems - the sky is not falling.

Red Reposter - Day of Rest BS

Rounding up some Opening Day reflections while the Reds refuse to roll today.

Bryan Price Announces Roster Decisions [UPDATED]

Looks like there's some definite shuffling on the 40-man roster.

Roster Madness, Volume 12

This is going to look like gibberish, and for that, I apologize. Tell the Reds to stop getting hurt!

Red Reposter - Roster Hokey Pokey

You put the reliever in, you take the reliever out, you put a bench bat in and you shake him all about.

Reds Injury Roundup & Roster Issues [UPDATED]

Because, unfortunately, there are enough of them to talk about.


Red Reposter - Rehabs, Roster, & Redemption

We take a look at who's not dead yet - and actually getting better - while also checking in on the tail end of the roster and what a would-have-been scenario could've looked like.

Red Reposter - Bullpen Blues Edition

There are some sore, expensive arms sitting idly in the Reds' pen.

Red Reposter - BP Mute, Quix too Quick?

Brandon Phillips isn't talking to the media, at least locally. Billy Hamilton is too fast for baseball.

Red Reposter - Pitching Depth & Billy Quix

In honor of Mardi Gras, we parade through the Reds news of the day.

Red Reposter - Baseball Christmas Eve Edition

Baseball's around the corner, or next door, or beating down your door. It's close. It's tomorrow.

Red Reposter: The Old Hoss Gets Paid

Finally something happened this offseason.

Report - Reds, Bailey Agree to Contract

Homer is a great name for a pitcher to sign on a contract.

Red Reposter - Razzball, Extensions, & Goodyear

Rounding up the latest Reds news.

Red Reposter: Tony Cingrani and Innings Limits

Here's to hoping we see less dudes in red polo shirts jogging to the mound this season.

Reds Claim Marshall, DFA Hank Rod

Another curious decision amid a rather curious offseason.

Reds To Ink Ramon Santiago

Well, isn't that just a fine howdy-do?

Red Reposter - Prospect Postulation Edition

It's the time of year where we check in on how much we're told to hope for. Isn't that exciting?

Red Reposter - Hibernation Edition

You're cold. It's snowing. The Reds are asleep on the recliner.

Reds avoid arb with Heisey, Simon, Leake, LeCure

Heisey, Simon, and Leake all get one-year deals while Sammy gets two.

Reds Ink Francis, Neal to Minor League Deals

No, Neal Francis isn't the name of a baseball player under contract by the Reds.

Red Reposter - You're Freezing Cold Edition

Bit nippy outside, is it?

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