Game Recaps

Reds dodge balls, not playing dodgeball. MIL 5-2


It's hard to put into words how not-Redsy that Reds evening was. Poor defense paved the way, and a tough loss was handed to the good guys.

Reds hit snooze, might wake up Sunday. NYY 7 CIN 1


Five day naps sometimes turn into seven day naps, right?

PRESENTED BY 953440453_mcdonaldsclubhouse_stb

Jeter Out-Seniors Senior Circuit. AL 5, NL 3.


The Yankees SS was in the spotlight all night. Of course.

DJ Jazzy Jay drops beat on Will Smith. CIN 4 MIL 2


Summer summer summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.

Reds go camping, get stung by B's. MIL 1, CIN 0.


Matt Garza made the Reds' bats look like they'd been up all night watching fireworks.

Padres skunk Reds, finish sweep. SDP 3, CIN 0.


The West Coast swing finished with a resounding dud.

Padres hit Leake hard, take series. SDP 8, CIN 2.


The bats went silent, the pitching fooled few, and the Reds dropped another to the Padres.

Reds outshined by new Cool Hahn. SDP 1, CIN 0.


The win streak ended when the bats went silent.

Homer flirts, gives Giants fake phone number.


The enigmatic, mercurial, stereotypical-adjective-describing-guy-who-could-be-great pitcher could sniff his 3rd career no hitter, but instead settled for a dominant performance in a complete game...

Latos surfs Reds' doubles wave, wins. CIN 4 CHC 1


The big righthander notched his first win of the season to clinch the series victory.


Near-perfect Arrieta stifles Reds. CHI 7, CIN 3.


Reds avoid history books, end up in the loss column.

Mesoraco is a Deus. CIN 6, CHI 1.


With the bases loaded and the game on the line, the Reds' catcher hit the ball so falcoing far you could hear Joey Votto screaming about it through the on-field mic.

Reds lose worst game ever.


Forget that ever happened, if you can. You can't.

Reds fought the law and the law won. PIT 4, CIN 3


That, folks, was a good old fashion head scratcher.

Reds caulk Wagon, ford three rivers. CIN 11, PIT 4


The Reds put a hurtin' on their former teammate.

Frazier's dinger rockets Reds to win. CIN 6, PIT 5


The Reds' 3B unleashed a huge mash that clinched a see-saw victory in the 9th.

Reds beat Dodgers, Advance to World Cup Final.


Todd Frazier launched a 2-run GOLAZO to power the Reds past Spain and into the World Cup Final.

Reds score one; Dodgers score one 6 times.


The offense sputtered into yet another sputtered spittoon.

Homer offends, defends, & knocks out Rocky.


The Reds' pitcher had himself a day both at the plate and on the mound.

Jay Bruce wins Belmont, owns Phillies.


The Reds' RF gets back on the dinger train!

Reds crush fun a billion to zero. PHI 8, CIN 0.


That Friday evening deserves a rain check.

Vomit on their jersey, Reds spaghetti. SF 3, CIN 2


The Reds snapped their 4 game win streak by losing a lead in the blink of an eye.

Homer is where the heart is. CIN 8, SFG 3.


The Reds returned home for their first extended stay of the season, and the arms, legs, whatever Hunter Pence is, and bats all seemed to shine.

MesoHappy. MesoHorny. CIN 6, ARI 4


Here we go. We got this. Mez will carry us to the promise land.

Greinke dunks dinky Reds. LAD 6, CIN 3.


The Reds faced an ace who pitched like an ace. The Reds lost.

Reds dodge history, still lose. LAD 4, CIN 3.


While the Reds' ace pitched brilliantly, the offense (and defense) could not overcome a great effort by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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