Game Recaps

Johnny Cueto Saved Captain Phillips. CIN 4, PIT 0

Is two games a streak? Of course it is! WIN STREAK!

Hits Like Leake, Pitches Like Leake. CIN 7, PIT 5

The Reds' righty took matters into his own hands - both offensively and defensively.

Table for Dinger, Party of 10. PIT 8, CIN 7.


Reds Score Runs, Win at Baseball! CIN 12, TBR 4.

The Reds rode dingers to a...nope, I can't make it any further into that sentence construction without laughing. Home runs, people. They hit a lot of home runs!

Reds Outscored Infinitely. TBR 1, CIN 0.

The Reds have no offense and are talking to nobody.

Vottoo Little, Vottoo Late. TBR 2, CIN 1.

The Reds offense tried to pop a wheelie off a speed bump. It didn't work

Hamilton, Leake Confound Cards. CIN 4, STL 0.

A prime-time worthy performance drove the Reds to a matinee victory.

Early Offense Powers Reds to Loss. STL 7, CIN 5.

That damn team just damn team'd the Reds again.

LOB City Dunks Reds. STL 5, CIN 3.

An early toilet flush doomed the Reds in the Cards home opener.

At Least it Wasn't a One Run Game. NYM 6, CIN 3.

Read about it here if you didn't already break your monitors watching.


Duda Man Trucks Reds. NYM 4, CIN 3.

Maybe just walk him next time?

Rain, Rain, Go Away...Cards, Too. STL 7, CIN 6.

The Reds let an early lead fizzle, and the Cardinals capitalized.

Spaghetti & Ecto-Cooler! Reds 1, Cardinals 0

A big hit finally got the Reds in both the scoring and win columns.

TOOTBLAN Sinks Reds. STL 1, CIN 0.

A pitchers' duel came down to the details, and the Reds made more mistakes than errors.

The Reds Need A Marshall Plan. CHW 9, CIN 5

The plan was to impress. Marshall didn't come through.

Lit Up, Francis. OAK 8, CIN 4.

The soft-tossing lefty was hit hard as the Reds fake fell in today's tussle.

Come Back Soon, Mat! CLE 8, CIN 3.

Reds pitching got knocked around by their neighbors from across the locker room.

Movin' Like Bernadina. CIN 8, CHI 3.

We do this every weekend.

Heisey Honks, Minor Leaguers Follow, Reds Win 9-3


Joey Votto Walks...Off. CIN 5, TEX 4.

I can only hope it was on purpose just to piss off Marty.

Billy Bunts, Big Bats Bop. Reds 7, A's 6.

Rather regular lineups faced off today. The Reds won. It didn't count, but we cheered anyway.

A Win of the Fake Variety! CIN 8, LAD 2.

Looks like Spring baby is out from under the Spring basket!

Remain Calm! All is Well! COL 3, CIN 2.

OK, now you can maniacally steamroll Kevin Bacon.

Surprise! Reds Lose. TEX 8, CIN 2.

Again. Does basket baby have a newborn cousin in Arizona?

Angels, Diablo Bedevil Reds. LAA 3, CIN 1.

Freak out, and give in; it doesn't matter what you believe in.

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