Game Previews

Reds vs. Bucs, Game 2: Preview/Prediction Thread

There's still a chance for home field. I think we'll see another sold out crowd today, but then again, I'm not sure how much good the full house did the Reds last night. According to "the...

Reds vs. Bucs, Game 1: Preview/Prediction Thread

Current Series 3 game series vs Pirates @ Great American Ball Park Sat 09/28 1:05 PM EDT Sun 09/29 1:10 PM EDT Ok, so here's where we're at. Reds still have some...

Reds vs. Mets, Game 1: Preview/Prediction Thread

Reds vs. Mets, Game 1: Preview/Prediction Thread

Game 145: Cubs at Reds - Previews and Predictions

It's tough to overstate this past week's euphoria. The Reds took 3 of 4 against the Cardinals to tighten the division race, and in the process drew some blood from an opponent who had gotten the...

Redlegs vs. LAlegs preview and predictions

Latos vs. Greinke. Ah yeah.

Reds vs. Cardinals, Game 2: Preview/Predictions

We last saw Michael Wacha mopping up for Adam Wainwright in the Reds' 10-0 romp. That was the game that saved the season, the dignity of a city and probably some lives. Despite the mercy rule...

Quick and Dirty Preview: Colorado Rockies

The Reds head West for some thin air baseball and to hang out and play Xbox and golf and go fishing and be best friends with me.

Game 125: Diamondbacks at Reds, Preview Thread

Bronson Arroyo threw a gem against the Cubs last week. What will he do in tonight's encore?

Series Preview: Steeling yourself for Steel City

it's the Mid Coast's best potential rivalry.

Redlegs @ Cardlegs - The Rubber Match

Get yer previews and predictions here.


NLDS Game 4: Reds vs. Giants (4:07 EDT).

Mike Leake answers the call. Hopefully while he was working out or something.


NLDS Game 3: Giants @ Reds (5:37 EDT).

Preparing for postseason pandemonium in Porkopolis. Reds look to sweep Giants in the Queen City


EN EL DIAS Game Dos. Arroyo v. Bumgarner

Game Thread for Game Two of the Giants and Reds starring Bronson Arroyo, Madison Bumgarner, and Jay Bruce. Special guests include three TBS broadcasters with poorly coordinated wardrobes.


NLDS Game 1: Cueto vs. Cain.

Prime Time


Game 162: Reds @ Cardinals, Post-season pre-season

Last season, Game 162 meant the merciful end to the season. For bloggers, it was a scramble to make sense of the senseless. In last season's final game at Citi Field, I resorted to quoting Chekov...


Game 160: Reds @ Cardinals. Tragic Number = 3.

Reds have the chance to make their victory lap a Disappointment Parade for the Cardinals.


Game 158: Reds @ Pirates. Hitless streak, Day 2.

Reds' pitching takes a 9 inning streak of hit-less baseball into tonight's game. Last night was a lot of fun, not the least because Homer is one of the few Reds who has been around for...


Game 157: Reds @ Pirates. Malaise forever?

Depending on which series the Reds land in, they won't play another home game until either October 9 or October 10. In any case, they'll need to steel themselves for some crummy early fall...


Game 154: The sum of all Fiers.

2012 NL Central Champion Reds ponder whether to roll over for the Brewers.

Brew Crew Ball vs. Red Reporter

I spoke with Kyle over at Brew Crew Ball to preview the hugely important/completely meaningless series between the Reds and Brewers.

Game 152: Reds vs. Dodgers (4:05 EDT). Latos vs. F

Today's Reds' game has been been blacked out by the global corporate war on Clinchmas, but if you live in most of the US and have a TV that gets the Big 3.5 Networks, then you'll be OK.

Game 150: Reds @ Cubs (2:20 EDT). Cueto vs. Berken.

I've beaten it to death already about how Cueto could use some kind of intervention before the playoffs. It doesn't seem like the Reds are going to give him one in the form of rest, so hopefully...

Game 149: Reds @ Cubs (8:05 EDT). Leake vs. Rusin.

Will Mike Leake be on the playoff roster? This could be a test.

Game 146: Reds @ Marlins (7:10 EDT). Cueto vs. Buehrle.

4 more starts left for Cueto, unless there aren't. Game 146: Reds @ Marlins (7:10 EDT). Cueto vs. Buehrle.

Game 145: Reds @ Marlins (7:10 EDT). Arroyo vs. Turner.

I still keep thinking another shoe is going to drop with Bronson Arroyo. But it's mid-September. He's had a great season. When you hear him talk about his approach - about adding a back-door...

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