Does Pitching in the California League Benefit a Starting Pitcher's Development?

In one respect, it might. Click the SBNation Minor League Ball link above to see preliminary data from a study that looks at how minor league starters' walk and strikeout rates change in going from Low A to High A to AA and how the leagues they pass through influence those changes.

The Curious Ichiro and his Case of Bats

The key is respect Moisture bites like a dragon Japanese Pete Rose

Barry Larkin will manage Brazilian National Team in World Baseball Classic

Newly-minted Hall of Famer Barry Larkin has been hired to manage the Brazilian team in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. Given the short and relatively scant history of baseball in Brazil, I'm pretty confident in saying that their best hope is having him bat lead-off and play SS.

Pioneering season for Jesse Winker

Over at Reds Minor Leagues, Doug Gray has a very thorough review of the Billings Mustangs' season. Supplemental First Round Draft pick Jesse Winker - who was anything but supplemental - did a .338/.443/.500 number in 275 plate appearances. Bob Steve was there too, before moving up to Dayton.

Reds Fans are the Best Lovers

The top four sexually satisfied cities in the U.S. are well within Reds Country. Good work, guys and gals, good work.

Phillies 24/7 - CBS Sports Radio

Phillies 24/7 does a weekly segment called From the Phans, where a fan (blogger, writer, whoever) of the Phillies' opponent is asked about their opinions of their team, the Phillies series, and topics of interest to the two clubs. When host Michael Cerio reached out to Red Reporter, I agreed to tape an interview for the show. The link above is to a podcast version of the interview which aired sometime after 3 PM today. I hope I don't sound like a moron...but the interview did get some pub out there for RR, even if it is only mainly going to be heard in Philadelphia. I just got the link, so here it is. 2nd edit: skip to 38:30 in the audio player to hear the interview.

Thanks, ESPN

That $13 million/year will help pay for Joey for a while!

Last Night was Hunder Pence Bobblehead Night at Philadelphia

Since Pence was traded to San Francisco at the deadline, I am tremendously amused by this.

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