Amir Garrett also hopes to be Drafted by the NBA


Some guys have juggled football and baseball, Dion Sanders comes to mind, if I remember correctly he didn't really play weekends in September. But NBA teams play more than once a week, so it seems like it would be more difficult to play in the NBA and MLB than in the NFL and MLB.

As of Monday: Vegas gives Reds the nod as favorites for NL title


Not much to source it in the "article" itself, but it's dated for June 4. Reds are 7:2 to win the NLCS and 8:1 to win the World Series according to the Las Vegas Hotel Superbook.

Reds Release Jeff Francis


Jerry Crasnick breaks the news. Looks like the pitching depth just got a lot, lot more shallow.

This is the un-official "Farewell, jch24!" thread. It should really just be a FanShot. Smell ya...


This is the un-official "Farewell, jch24!" thread. It should really just be a FanShot. Smell ya later, Jerms!

Isn't it ironic?


If, in February, I had told you Scott Rolen would be on the DL at the end of May and the back-up 3B was slashing .278/.329/.620 with a 5.9% BB rate and a 28.2% K rate, who would you have guessed it would be?

Walt says Chapman in pen for all of 2012


"Clearly, they can't see it, they can't hit it, they can't even find it, because Chapman is heading for the most dominating season by any relief pitcher in the history of relief pitching..."It's almost become second nature now, I've heard it discussed so often," Reds GM Walt Jocketty told Rumblings. "But I like it. It creates interest in our club, and that's all good. Everybody has a theory on it. Everybody has an opinion." That "everybody" includes the general manager, of course, not to mention Chapman himself. And their unanimous opinion is that some day -- very likely as soon as next season -- Chapman is going to morph into a starter. "It won't be this year, obviously," Jocketty said. "But he would like to start. His preference has always been to start."

Chris Heisey's testimony


Chris Heisey's testimony

Reds Injury Update


Since the last update, Denis Phipps and Scott Rolen have hit the DL, while Miguel Cairo came off it. He returned about a week after he was expected to, lending credence to the BubbaFan mantra of "it's always a longer time than they say." Phipps was placed on the 7-day minor league DL, which is standard procedure for anything that isn't a season-ending injury. I have seen no timetable for his expected return, but he's been sidelined for eight days now. Scott Rolen has shoulder problems again. He's already had 4 surgeries, two since becoming a Red. I don't foresee him going under the knife again personally, so all parties are probably hoping rest will allow the inflammation and pain to subside over his 15-day DL stint. It's been 12 days and I don't get the impression Rolen is close to returning. Considering the persistence of this problem for Rolen over so much time now, we could be seeing the end of a career. On the bullpen front, there's still no word on Masset's return. He's been sidelined for almost two months on the dot, and has not begun throwing. Bill Bray was also experiencing problems during spring training which failed to subside, and which now has him on the DL, where he's been for 37 days. The Reds have offered no insight into a timetable. Also at AAA, Daryl Jones had eye surgery two weeks ago and remains sidelined. Louisville is having a tough time keeping all our potential 8th outfielders healthy. Paul Janish's broken wrist is expected to keep him out for two and a half more weeks. Dioner Navarro returned to action after passing kidney stones and missed 8 days. Sean Buckley went onto and came off the DL for a sprained ankle at A Dayton; maybe we can blame that for his disappointing recent performance. As always, you can get the organization's injury situation at a glance by the link on the left sidebar, or click the title to this FanShot at your convenience.

Baseball And The F Word


Baseball Prospectus takes a look at every ballplayer's favorite word. Dusty even makes an appearance.

Lance Berkman Has Torn ACL, May Retire


I don't like the Cardinals but I've always been a fan of Fat Elvis, so this is sad news to me.

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