Cincinnati Reds Rumors

Reds interested in Rangers OF Alex Rios


Sources say it would be, according to sources, a move of some level of importance, per a source.

Things to do at the deadline when you're dead.


The Reds could make a move. They could not. There may not be one out there worth making, unfortunately.

A Job-Defining Winter


A dearth of outside options. A glut of big contracts. The spotlight is on Walt Jocketty's ability to be creative this offseason.

Reds Sign Brayan Pena


The Reds, ever eager to prompt your roster creating imagination, made their first foray into Free Agency.

No Qualifying Offer for Arroyo


The Cincinnati Reds made their first decision regarding their long-time workhorse's upcoming contract.

The Brandon Phillips Conundrum


Just what exactly does the Reds' 2B mean to the team these days?

One fewer place for BP to land


The Dodgers and their money-printing machine agreed to a four-year contract with Alex Guerrero earlier today. Though he hasn't played in the Cuban league since 2011, Guerrero is supposed to be...

Is it worth it? (To make a move)


Maybe it's only 10:30 pm. My watch is fast.

Time to make a move


The Reds are limping into All Star Break. And the plan seems to be to keep limping. Facing two hobbled catchers, Dusty Baker threw up his hands: "There's not a whole lot available," he said....

A little help?... Hitters edition


Step one: admitting you need help.


A little help?... Reliever edition


The Reds still have a really good record, even though they lost just last night. But this is increasingly cold comfort as the Pirates and Cardinals continue to cakewalk toward July. Maybe the help...

Scribbling a shopping list for the trade deadline


Finding an edge. With a microscope.

Reviewing the Reds' Back Page Moves


Sure, we all thrilled to the arrival of Shin-soo Choo, but the Reds also signed Kevin Whelan, who we can assume was in the Stone Temple Pilots at some point.

Reds sign Constante, Galarraga


We're not talking the Big Cat. Or Istanbul.

Last on the list: Lefties


The Reds might be done with their Christmas shopping early, though they're said to be window-shopping lefty relievers.

Reds Discussing Trade with Tribe for Shin-Soo Choo


Shin-Soo Choo could be coming to Cincy.

Reds Reportedly Re-Sign Ryan Ludwick


Mark Sheldon says it's not quite a deal. But it's probably a deal.

The Real Winter Meetings, Day 2


This is good sleeping weather!

Rule 5 Draft Preview


Is there anything to see here?

Hot Stove League Rankings


Looking at the field of players who are (or might kind of be) available this off-season. And won't require a second mortgage.

Possible Broxton Contract: Down-ticket Effects


Broxy 4 Contract?

Desperate for trade rumor mongering: Is Denard Span the Reds primary target? (Probably not)


The Pirates continue to do stuff, which may or may not be nudging Walt Jocketty to the edge of action.

Reds Trade Deadline: All Quiet on the Midwestern Front


11th hour Reds Trade deadline rumors.

Reds take last looks at the trade deadline


The Enquirer was militant today, which I kinda liked. "Two fists full of victories" was the headline, underneath a triumphal Dusty Baker. "Reds claim another scalp" was the sub-head. It all...

Making out the Reds' shopping list at the deadline


Making out the Reds' shopping list at the deadline.

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