History/Hall of Fame

Updating the Top 100: Part 2 of 5


Attempting to give Aaron Harang his due, on Red Reporter's top 100 update.

Updating the Top 100: Part 1 of 5


The update to the top 100 list commences with a non-update: it's honorable mention time, starring Jay Bruce.

8 Days of Brendanukkah: Greasy Taught Me


via upload.wikimedia.org As every Reds fan from the 90s remembers, Deion Sanders popped up in the outfield from time to time.  Neon Deion garnered a lot of attention as a two sport athlete and...

8 Nights of Brendanukkah: One Great Trade


via upload.wikimedia.org In this dead time of winter when we think of trades to be made, we'll remember one of the greatest trades in Reds history on this, the sixth night of Brendanukkah.  On...

Early 20th Century Altrock

via upload.wikimedia.org Eagle-eyed readers will notice that there wasn't an entry for fifth night of Brendanukkah yesterday. Well, it's here now, so please to enjoy. Tonight's tale is not...

Kluszewski! Bless You.

It's the fourth night of Brendanukkah. Halfway through! I learned a lot reading Joe Posnanski's The Machine about the 1975 Reds team (and if you haven't read it yet, it's highly recommended). ...

The Story of Orval Overall

Happy Hanukkah to you all! It's the one week of the year when anyone feels any sort of kinship with Let's Go Tribe! To celebrate, I will be providing eight days of original content. I have no...

Hall of Fame ballot revealed: Barry Larkin and some other guys


Barry Larkin is the most important guy on the list of eligible Hall of Famers this season

Through the Sand Lots of Time, Davey Johnson's Locker


Baseball fans are self-indulgent nostalgia junkies, it's true. There's no Ken Burns Football, no leatherhead re-enactors (at least for the purposes of this argument), no sacred talisman of...

When do the Reds deserve an All Star Game?


Since Great American Ballpark opened in 2003, there's been a steadily increasing buzz around the landing of an All Star Game in Cincinnati. Seven years on, the Reds have yet to secure the...

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