Red Reporter Power Rankings: Week 1


We're going to start a new feature here at RR, ranking anything and everything in Redsland. Using this, we'll be able to tell who's on top, who's on the downswing, and who's rising. Let's begin.

1. Red Reporter Game 2 outings

I can't reiterate how much fun Game 2 was this year, even with the rain delay. It's always fun to get the crew together, knock back a few, and go watch the Reds win on a walk-off hit.

2. Todd Frazier

Frazier leads the offense right now, leading the team in slugging, OBP, and hits after the first two series. He also hit a pretty nice homer the other night. Right on, Todd.

3. Alfredo Simon

It was never anyone's expectation that Simon would start the season as the 5th starter, but he's filled in admirably so far. He gave up 1 ER in 7 innings yesterday, striking out 6. Good job, Big Pasta.

4. Johnny Cueto

Talk about hard luck. JC got two starts this week and his team lost both times, despite two quality starts. For someone who was less than healthy when camp broke, this is a good sign.

5. Joey Votto

Joey's series against the Mets wasn't that great, but he had 5 hits in the Cardinals series.

6. Tucker Barnhart

Tucker got his first big league hit and threw out a base-stealer at 3rd in his first big league start. He might not be here much longer with Mesoraco on his way back, but either way his big league experience so far has been mostly positive.

7. Closers by committee

Yikes. First there was Price saving LeCure for a possible comeback on Friday, and then Hoover blowing the game up on Saturday. Broxy can't come back soon enough, and I can't believe I just typed that.

8. Bullpen injuries in general

Despite his extensive background as a clown descendant, Trevor Bell has no business in this bullpen right now. It'll be great to not have to depend on Logan Ondrusek in a high-leverage situation.

9. Billy Hamilton

Growing pains are the name of the game with B-Ham so far. To say he looked "overmatched" might have been an understatement, and it feels to me that his confidence must be shot after getting thrown out trying to steal. This next series won't be any easier matchup-wise, but hopefully a couple of days on the bench to calm his nerves will help.

10. Matt Adams


Thanks, folks. See you next week!

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