Red Reposter - Spring Checkup

Hittin' Bavarian Bombs. - Rob Tringali

The bats get in gear; the Holy Grail of fielding metrics debuts.

The Reds did their part to halt the drought out West yesterday
The offense poured in 15 runs on 20 hits and 3 walks against the Padres. Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips tripled, and Donald Lutz knocked his first wurst of the spring. Mike Leake was scratched from his start with an abdominal strain. Hopefully just one of those extra cautious spring things - he doesn't expect to miss another start. Brett Marshall threw two scoreless in his stead. In fact, the Reds had a no-no going through 5.2. Lil' Danny Corcino was the only Reds pitcher who got roughed up. The Reds host the M's this afternoon.

Brayan Pena is settling into his role
Bryan Price is impressed with the portly 32 year-old. Looking forward to seeing his flared leg crouch, a la Benito Santiago. He's catching again today.

At the other end of the country, MLB unveiled a new player tracking system at MIT's Sloan Conference
Those debates about the worth of advanced fielding stats? This is the precursor to what will eventually replace them. Among other things, the system gives a "route efficiency" rating to outfielders, which will help us identify those who take the Family Circus routes to flyballs. Cool stuff. puff piece on Billy Quix

Banana Bob's not happy with the offseason grades
Beyond chronicling the owner's hurt feelings, Fay breaks down the state and recent of the team's finances well. On whether the team can re-sign Latos, Leake, and Cueto, Castellini said "we're going to try to sign all these guys. Whether we can or not, I don't know. I don't have a crystal ball. I did know we were going to bend over backwards to sign Homer."

On aging and Oscar nominees
The "best actors" are getting older. But Matt McConaughey stays the same age.

Jay Bruce has joined the advisory board of the Taylor Hooton Foundation, which advocates against youth PEDs use
He will be one of seven active players to serve on the board. Stand up guy keeps doing stand up things.

With opening day later this month, it's time to bone up on your Australian baseball history.

The Reds, according to Google autocomplete. Funny stuff, but no idea where Cozart's is coming from.

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