Reds vs. Indians


March 17, 2014 - Photos from the St. Patrick's Day battle of Ohio.

First player on the field was Corky Miller. He signed autographs for everyone who wanted one.


Mat Latos also signed autographs for everyone.


He was very friendly and chatted with the fans while signing.


Aroldis Chapman didn't stop to sign, to fans' disappointment.


Tony Cingrani signed probably the most of all. He started from the bullpen and worked his way to the dugout.


Homer Bailey didn't seem to be bothered by his injury.


Southpaw Sean Marshall, signing with his left hand, amazingly enough.


Fans begged Brandon Phillips to sign, but he politely declined.


Devin Mesoraco moving from the pen to the dugout as the game is about to start.


Jay Bruce and Joey Votto were deep in conversation throughout the national anthem. Which seemed to annoy one of the fans sitting behind me. But I've noticed a lot of players do it. Must get pretty tedious when you hear it every day.


Mike Leake started the game for the Reds.


Votto singled in the first.


(And was promptly picked off, alas. He didn't know if he was coming or going, and ended up out.)

Jay Bruce, who had been batting when Votto was picked off, doubled to lead off the second.


Todd Frazier hit a triple.


Bruce bunted in the third.


Why, I dunno.

Frazier with a broken-bat groundout in the third.


A lot of bats shattered in this game. It was kinda scary.

Jonathan Broxton pitched the fifth.


Joey singled in the bottom of the fifth.


Brandon Phillips tried to steal third, and was called out. Fans near third base started screaming at Price to review the play. He did, and the call was overturned. It was very quick; no delay at all.

No hard feelings: BP talks to the umpire who got the call wrong.


Didn't matter, though. Ludwick grounded into a double play to end the inning.

Joey heads toward the dugout.


Manny Parra pitched the sixth.


Joey catches a popup in foul territory. Very close to where he and Mesoraco collided the previous day. This time, Joey called off the catcher.


The popup was hit by Elliot Johnson, the guy who got the postseason start for the Braves last year over Dan Uggla. The Braves non-tendered him, and he's an Indian now.

Pedro Beato pitched the 7th.


At the end of the 7th, most of the starters were pulled. BP says good bye to Roger Bernadina.


Among the scrubs warming up along the third base line: Steve Selsky. He would take over RF for Jay Bruce.


Josh Outman, the player the Rockies traded for Drew Stubbs, pitched the 8th.


Great name, and great stirrups. And a 0.0 ERA this spring.

Chris Nelson steals third in the 8th.


Didn't matter, though. The Reds could not score.

Until the bottom of the ninth, when Steve Selsky hit a walkoff double.


He got a lot of noogies from his teammates, but I'm guessing he didn't mind.


(He's number 92 in the photo. I know that's not his usual number, and not what Gameday had him listed as. My guess is that because of the special jerseys, he had to wear whatever they had available, and that was #92.)

Final score: Reds 5, Indians 4.

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