An SB Nation MLB Offseason simulation: Reds Gm Needed

30 SB Nation members. A week of bidding signing and trading. Who's the best SBN GM? We'll be the judge of that!

You have complete control of the team. What would you do? What big FA would you go after? You could have Robinson Cano sign with the Oakland A's or thePittsburgh Pirates! Sounds great, right? There was a simulation organized by aRoyals Review member, which is where I got this idea and that looked fun so I am deciding to do something like this myself. Here's how it will work if I get 20-25 more people to people to join. I have 5-10 already from the first sim we ran and it went fantastically so I want a full sim. If you are interested with the team you want to be and the first people to email me will join. Once I have the 30, we will be good to go. We will have realistic payrolls, but you can go over if the commish think it's realistic. The commish will serve as the agent/player mind during negotiations. Meaning said commish will accept or decline your offers for FA and have the power to veto a trade if he/she thinks it is completely one sided. The website that will be used for FA and team options lists is They have a list of the contracts for every MLB team. Here's how it will work. Hopefully I will have the 30 people and their teams assigned by January 1 at Midnight. Then it will go like this. Time zones will likely be Central Time but may vary depending on the commish's location. We'll let you know once that is solidified.

Monday February 17 11:59 PM

Team options and Tender or non-tendering arbitration eligible players are due. We will not do classic arbitration, instead, we will do it this way. You offer a eligible player a 1 year contract. The commish will see if he would accept it and will let you know. You will email all of your transactions to the commish.

Tuesday 18 11:59 PM

Qualafying offers are due. Again the commish will think about if the player would accept or not.

Wednesday February 19 12:01 AM

FA Bidding begins! Email the commish with your bids for FA and the terms of trades between what teams. And said commish will send out bids for every player each night.

March 1 at 11:59 PM

No transactions allowed after this time.

We may extend the time if people want to, but this is up to the participants.

When this is over the commish will send out a template. This template will be for you to fill your roster out and make your case for you to win. The commish will then determine the winner from all of the spreadsheets that are sent in.

We will also give every participant 10 votes to give to whichever team he/she wishes, based on a number of factors, from overall team strength to how much a team was improved by its GM (so if a GM for a bad team makes a lot of good moves to turn the direction of the franchise around, they will be recognized for that). Only 5 may be given to your own team. The votes will then be counted and the "winner" will be announced.

At the end of the 2014 season, we will add up the WAR of your roster and determine the REAL winner (players on rosters that do not actually play on an MLB team during the season will have estimated WAR's based on their minor league stats and how we think they would translate to the majors).

Please join! We'd love to have you! And please tell people about this if you know fans of other teams that might also be interested!


1. You may only go up to 10 years on a contract..

2. Vesting, team, and mutual options may be included.

3. You may backload or frontload contracts, although backloaded contracts will lose to a front loaded contract during bidding.

4. You can't have a player to be named later in a trade, but you can trade minor leaguers.

5. You may include cash in a trade just specify how much is changing hands. (like the Prince Fielder to Texas deal)

6. Specify how much money is being paid per year.

7. You may only have 25 players on the roster. You add someone, you have to cut someone, or add them to the 40 man roster..

8. Treat others in the simulation with respect and be fair in negotiations. Don't bully your way into trying to get Mike Trout for some backup infielder.

9. There will be no trades like Player A for Prospect X,Y,Z and cash.

10. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

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