Reds vs. Padres, Game 3: Preview/Prediction Thread

It's Ludmas Eve! - Andy Lyons

Last night was a disaster game. Seriously. Just about everything that could go wrong, outside of solid starting pitching, did go wrong for the everyday eight (read: everyday six and replacement two). The Reds struggled to get on base. When they did find a way to get on base, they decided to blow those opportunities with poor base running and less-than-professional at bats. Oh, and then there was the defense. Four errors, three of which by the same player. Meanwhile, our starting pitcher recorded a loss despite not giving up a single earned run.

The best thing about disaster games? They can be quickly rectified with a solid bounce-back game the next day. The Reds find themselves in this predicament this afternoon as Mike Leake takes the mound and the Reds' bats hope to get their shimmy on with their almost-optimal lineup. Leake hopes to regain some of his post-All-Star-Break mojo he lost in his rough outing against the Cardinals on Wednesday. For all intents and purposes, today's game is about redemption.

The Reds will square off against The Chappaquiddick Kid, Ian Kennedy, in his second start since being traded from Diamondbacks to the Padres. Kennedy, backed today with a lineup featuring a Jaff and not a Jedd, won his first outing as a Padre, cruisng 5.2 innings and giving up one run against the Yankees.

If something should inspire the Reds today it is that today is the celebration of Ludmas Eve. The Reds anticipate activating left fielder Ryan Ludwick tomorrow, which should provide the Reds with the lineup they originally intended when the season began. Visions of BP batting second and right handed cleanup hitters should be dancing in the heads. Dusty in his fistbands, and Walt in his blazer, have settled in to watch an offense that should be as sharp as a razor. Happy Ludmas to all . . . and go Reds!

Bullpen Log

Reliever 8/6 8/7 8/8 8/9 8/10 5 day totals
Aroldis Chapman 1.0, 21p 1.0, 9p -

2.0 IP, 30 pitches
Logan Ondrusek


0.0 IP, 0 pitches
Sam LeCure
0.1, 4p

1.0, 17p 1.1 IP, 21 pitches
J.J. Hoover 0.2, 3p 1.0, 26p -

1.2 IP, 29 pitches
Jonathan Broxton

- 1.0, 14p
1.0 IP, 14 pitches
Manny Parra
1.1, 24p -
0.2, 15p 2.0 IP, 39 pitches
Alfredo Simon

- 1.0, 21p 2.1, 26p

3.1 IP, 47 pitches

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