This is a recap. Reds beat Mariners, 13-4

Look, I'm not gonna pretend this is anything but a weak substitute for a fun and well-written post by a real writer, but yesterday's game needs to be memorialized in some way fashion or form, even if I barely remember it less than 24 hours later. I mean, the Reds won big, right? And they didn't even hit a homer in the process of scoring those thirteen runs. Mat Latos earned free pizza for all those in attendance! Latos drove in a couple runs early in a high-leverage situation! Godlord, Izturis and Irish Hannahan contributed at the plate! Lots of remarkable things happened! Really! However...

When Felix Hernandez isn't starting, this 2013 Mariners team is a cure for insomnia. It's "The Terminal" in Steven Spielberg's oeuvre. It's the period in November when Halloween candy has run out, the skies are gray and the flowers are dead, and the weather is chilly but not enough so for snow. They're boring is what I'm saying. They've got some decent players - heck, they beat the Reds on Friday night in an even drearier contest. But man, with no Ichiro and no Junior and no royalty on the mound, the past two games have been positively soporific.

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Jack Hannahan. 3 hits including a double, a walk, 2 runs scored, 2 RBI. Raised the ol' batting average 26 points to .224. Also showcased the leather a little bit, including a nice little play for the last out of the game.

Honorable mentions:

  • Superman Jay Bruce, who had gone hitless in his last 13 AB's over the past 3 games (and was already starting to hear it from Marty) but had a nifty 2-4 day with a walk, a double, 3 RBI and 4 runs scored.
  • Mat Latos, pitch-inefficient and without his best command, but struck out the magic number of 11 (including six in a row at one point) and also had a big double to drive in the tying runs in the 3rd.
  • Cesar Izturis, 2-4 with a double and a walk and three RBI.

Key Plays

  • The first batter of the game grounded out on an 0-2 Latos slider. A better beginning than yesterday, but only by one batter; the next hitter Endy Chavez singled, and Kyle Seager followed up with a 2-run zipper to right. 2-0 Seattle.
  • Jay Bruce scored on a weird play in the second - Bruce held up to see if Izturis' soft liner to right might be caught, then quickly scampered homeward when it wasn't. But Chavez Endy'd a laser to home plate, and Bruce might have made an ignominious out if the throw hadn't taken a slightly-more-than-a-short-hop and bounced away from the catcher. 2-1 Seattle.
  • Seager strikes again: his sac fly in the third snoozed home another run. 3-1 Seattle.
  • With a runner on 2nd base and 2 out in the top of the fourth, Latos issued an intentional walk to the 8-hitter so he could face the opposing pitcher. Bonderman struck out and the strategy worked.
  • With a runner on 2nd base and 2 out in the bottom of the fourth, Bonderman issued an intentional walk to the 8-hitter so he could face the opposing pitcher. Latos first-pitch-doubled in two runs to tie it up and and the strategy failed. I love the National League. Then Choo singled Latos in, and things were looking up. Reds up 4-3.
  • A Cesar Izturis extra-base hit! His 5th-inning double brings home Bruce and Hannahan. 6-3 Reds.
  • The Mariners scored a fourth run off Latos in the 6th, but all was forgiven when Latos struck out his eleventh batter, to huge salivating cheers.
  • In the bottom of the inning the Reds answered again with a 2-run double by Bruce and an RBI single by Hannahan. When I said Hannahan only made one out on the day, that wasn't entirely accurate: he got caught rounding first too aggressively on that single and was nabbed to end the inning. But still, RBI hit and the Reds were now rolling, 9-4.
  • A messy bottom of the eighth included two Seattle errors on one play, and the Reds stringing together a bunch of hits and walks just like they did all day. Anyhoo, four more runs, Reds up 13-4.
  • When everyone realized that serious rain was closing in on the Queen City they decided to just get things over with fast. Phillips turned in his mandatory gold-glove play, and Hannahan closed it out with a nice defensive play of his own. Reds win.

Sleepytime Tea With Cream & Sugar Fangraph

Hmm. This is where the Fangraph would go if I knew how to embed it. Check the link instead.

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • The Reds were 8-17 with runners in scoring position, including a nifty 6-9 number with two outs. Clutchiness!
  • Phillip Glass also makes me sleepy (and depressed). But DJ BC spikes it.
  • Elastica also tries to wake me up.
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