This Week in JPEGs: Cincinnati Crossing the Infield, Homer Slays Goliath, and Road Trippin'

A Homeric epic of Biblical proportions - Joe Robbins

You're a grand old JPEG, you're a high-flying JPEG

Friday is JPEG Day here at Red Reporter, so dig your JPEGin' galoshes out of the closet, because you're about to be ankle-deep in 'em.

Last week, you all voted Snakebit Chapman as your JPEG o' the Week, probably because of the butt joke.


This week, we have a whole new crop of JPEGs highlighting the most interesting and gripping events in Reds baseball over the past seven days. In case you are dumb or something, Homer Bailey threw a no-hitter. So you can guess that there will be something about that here. I figured you might want a heads-up in case remembering it got you all sugared up or something and you need a graham cracker on hand to manage the diabetic spike.

Cincinnati Crossing the Infield

The Fourth of July was wet in Cincinnati. The game was a total washout, with standing water all over the field. With the storm raging and the water rising rapidly, the Reds' starting lineup attempted to cross the infield for some reason.


I cannot tell a lie: I only regret that I have but one JPEG to paint to commemorate this event.

Homer Slays Goliath

So yeah, no big deal or nothin', but on Tuesday Homer Bailey threw his second career no-hitter. JUST KIDDING IT'S A HUUUUUUUUGE DEAL!!! Homer was as dominant and overpowering as I have ever seen a pitcher in his slaying of the Giants.


You'll forgive me for mixing Greek mythology with Judeo-Christian mythology, but Red Reporter has rarely ever been seriously concerned with historical accuracy. Plus c'mon I mean this thing basically drew itself.

Road Trippin'

This is a two-part JPEG series. The three-straight wins against the Giants (not to mention Homer's no-no oh wait I already mentioned it) helped alleviate the angst accumulated after the rough 2-6 road trip the Reds struggled through. They lost three-straight series on the road, falling to the Diamondbacks, A's, and Rangers.


But then Homer threw a no-hitter and we're all:


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