Not so Votto-Matic: 10 Reasons and Vice Versa

Let me begin by stating I hate the we don't pay votto to walk comments. Not because its close-minded and walking is a huge part of the game. No, I hate it because its a huge misconception. Votto walking is not the problem. The problem is that he bats 220 with RISP and 2 outs. Everyone is focused on the wrong problem, and the fact is he simply doesn't drive in runs. Considering 58 of his 75 walks come with no one in scoring position, the problem is not that he is too patient in RBI situations, but instead not hitting well when he gets pitches he could hit.

Without further a due, I bring you the second annual, 10 Reasons: Why we do in fact, pay Votto to walk. And vice versa.

Why we do

1. Walking is an essential part of the game.

2. Its a free base runner and Votto take advantage of it more than anyone in the entire universe.

3. Walking is runners on base, and Runners on base means runs. And runs, means wins. You get the picture.

4. Votto creates pressure on the pitcher from his walks.

5. He does have the NL RBI leader behind him so he shouldn't be urgent.

6. In the past, he has walked and still got the job done. Now not so much.

7. He is a huge figure in cincy and the crowd loves him.

8. Despite a bad line of stats this year, he is a bonafide gold Glover.

9. He's proven that his walking is a huge part of our nl Central winning success.

10. Overall, he's one of the greatest hitters in the game. And if he wants to take 130 walks that's fine. He shouldn't have to do it all.

To summarize: He's an MVP. He gets on base. You can't complain.

Why we don't:

1. The thought that highly paid players should put up 35 homer seasons with 90+ RBIs.

2. Its not exciting to see him walk.

3. He'll never repeat as an MVP if he doesn't swing the bat.

4. 220 million should buy a pujols in his prime.

5. Walks don't guarantee runs.

6. No pitcher is intimidated by a constant walker.

7. Our success has a big part to do when he's mashing doubles and home runs all over the ball park.

8. His fielding isn't what it used to be and he isn't fast. Rather have him trotting around the bases than lightly jogging to first.

9. He is our 3 hitter. Be aggressive, make something happen.

10. He's not much of a leader, so if his stats sent contributing, what exactly is he doing.

To summarize: he used to be a play maker, a game changer. We miss that and its due to the fact he no longer is aggressive.

I believe people have mistaken his patience as a bad thing. That's false in my opinion. As long as he's batting like a former MVP with runners in scoring position, hey, he can walk 200 times a year for all I care.

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