Call me the Prophet: 10 Reasons and Vice Versa-Edition 1

I'm not going to dwell on the fact I absolutely called the Heisey in the number 2 spot, but yeah, I totally did. But this is entirely different and the first of many 10 reasons to a particular subject, for both sides. Well, I'll give you an example with the first ever in "Why and why not the reds will win the Central division and/or win a playoff series".

Why they will:

1. They are, or appear to be, a second half team.

2. 5 key players are returning in a couple of weeks, which include our ace, our opening day catcher and left fielder, and our premiere setup men.

3. They are now a playoff savvy team that has what it takes to make a deep run this year.

4. The return of Ludwick puts Paul back into the bench role, where he thrives.

5. Hanigan returns and brings back that stellar defense and decent on base percentage from last year.

6. Votto regains his opposite field power and puts up an MVP like second half.

7. Bruce gets hot and stays hot around playoff time.

8. Homer finally shows the true ace inside him we've been gearing about since 2005, and has another terrific second half.

9. Votto plays defense like we know he's capable of doing.

10. Choo starts hitting lefties (other than that, no complaints for him).

To sum it up in a sentence, we need everyone to contribute and be healthy if we want another division championship, and perhaps maybe more.

Why we won't:

1. Frazier never hits his groove and continues his sophomore slump.

2. Cozart never hits better than 240 and leaves reds nation crying to sign a guy like tulo.

3. Walt Jocketty makes 0 trade deadline deals and the team under performs with a recently healthy lineup, rotation, and bullpen.

4. Votto doesn't shut up the we don't pay 220 million for a guy to walk haters, and Phillips rbi total plummets back to earth like expected.

5. Hanigan sucks and none of our catchers can bat 230.

6. Bruce hits one of his signature cold spells and the 5 hole produces nothing but whiffs for weeks.

7. Vottos defense never improves and some more easy pop ups get dropped in crucial scenarios next time.


9. Pittsburgh never does their annual steel city meltdown and steal the division or the top wildcard spot.

10. The reds never get leadership and continue to under perform and disappoint with what appears to be a lack of caring.

Let me wrap that up: no one is fresh off the DL, management plays it to safe, we don't get the contributions from people up and down the lineup, and we continue to inconsistently put up SEVERAL runs on the board.

Which one is right? You make the call.

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