The Quest Begins

I decided before this 2013 baseball season that I was going to embark on a quest. That quest involved seeing my beloved Reds play against every team in every stadium in major league baseball. As a baseball fan, I feel this is a good quest to undertake, for it has a definitive endpoint and will be many years in the making, with all sorts of memorabilia and memorable moments.

The ultimate goal of this quest is threefold:

1) To experience my hometown team play everywhere, thereby giving me the opportunity to see every stadium,

2) To document my experience in each stadium, including seeing the unique offerings of each, sampling local stadium food, and taking pictures of it all, with the ultimate goal to create a blog of the whole quest as a resource for other baseball fans, and

3) To meet fellow Red Reporter folk that call these areas home as I make my journey.

I am kicking off this quest this weekend. I chose this weekend to start it at GABP against the uber-rival Cardinals. Even though I have been to GABP before, I will call this my official start date via the ticket stubs I will keep and the documenting I will do.

As this will be the start of my quest and as this is such an important series, I am hoping that many Cincinnati area Red Reporter followers will be going to the games and that I can meet up with you. There is much that many of you would be able to show me about my own home stadium, and that would be most appreciated. I would also like to spend the time cheering the Reds and cursing the Cardinals with the lovable, witty, and foul-mouthed followers of RR that I have come to know over the past few years.

I have tickets to all 3 games now - scout seats for game 1 & 2, outfield moon deck seat for the night game 3. If you are going to the game and would like to meet up, please sound off in the thread. Also, please let me know what I should go look at and take pictures of that would be good to experience and spread the word on.

This journey of 6+ years begins with the first step this weekend. I hope it will be with a series sweep. But in the end, I'd like it most if I made some new friends and had a blast just watching the Reds.

Go Reds! They're our favorite team!

P.S. Petey and Weezie - I need to chat with both of you about the west coast swing at the end of July. Somehow I need to get in touch with you.

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