This week in JPEGs: Beanball Mania, The Pirates Game Was Boring, Cingrani's Terrifying Pitch Face, and BP Cele-jams on His iPod

"You know that it's true that all the things that I do are gonna come back to you in your sweet time." - USA TODAY Sports

All the best moments in Reds' baseball from the last week artistically rendered in Microsoft Paint.

Last week's JPEG o' the Week was titled "Yadier Molina is a Toilet." The boldly metaphorical piece earned 48% of your votes.


This past week was a bizarre one in Cincinnati, as the Reds played host to division-rivals Milwaukee and Pittsburgh. This young artist attempted to make sense of the chaos, often responding in kind. This is the Week in JPEGs:

Beanball Mania

The four-game set with the Pirates featured something like 300 HBPs. Tempers flaired, egos bruised, bruises purpled, and purples are incapable of verbing because of nature. It was a series fraught with anxiety and uncertainty, which I think is reflected well in this piece.


I call this one "Beanball Mania." The players are seen here in a violent vortex, with cans of beans swirling around their disembodied heads. The cans of beans are symbolic, not real.

The Pirates Game was Boring

I don't even remember which game this one was because it was so boring. Maybe it was Tuesday night. Or Wednesday? Or maybe I dreamed it. Either way, I slept through it, as did most Reds fans in attendance.


Cingrani's Terrifying Pitch Face

I'm afraid to even introduce this one. Tony Cingrani came out of the bullpen on Wednesday night and struck out the three Pirate hitters he faced. He was kinda fired up.


I think I'm going to hide under my bed now.

BP Cele-jams on His iPod

It's a walk-off jamabration! Brandon Phillips poked a seeing-eye single up the middle in the bottom of the 13th on Wednesday to give the Reds a 2-1 victory. After the on-field celebration and the post-game interviews, BP took a moment at his locker to sit and reflect. He pulled his iPod out of his locker, fit the headphones into his ears, and queued up "Rock 'n Me" by Steve Miller Band.


Vote on, Red Reporters!

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