Phillips and Morgan

If you are a Reds Rabble Rouser, you have likely been made aware of the similarities in stats between past Reds 2nd baseman Joe Morgan and the current one, Brandon Phillips. Fox Sports Net showed a graphic during their coverage of the Cubs game last night, and the odd similarities have found themselves subject to discussion among Reds fans.

Baseball Hall of Fame - Biographies: Joe Morgan (via TheBaseballHall)

Brandon Phillips 2012 Highlights (via ericandhispeeps)

Phillips found himself arriving in Cincinnati a 25 year-old head case with unrealized talent ( former Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge can attest to that). Morgan came to the Reds after 10 seasons with the Houston Colt .45s/Astros. Morgan would go on to play 8 years for the Reds, and Phillips is currently within his 8th year of play with Cincinnati. Morgan collected two MVP awards, won five gold gloves (Phillips has three and easily could have won two more) , and out-paced Phillips easily in stats like .OBP, Stolen Bases, OPS. walked a lot more, and struck out a lot less. Undoubtedly Morgan was a better player in his heyday, but Phillips is no slouch and has made his fair share of outstanding plays as a member of the Redlegs. Both players have given the Queen City a lot to cheer for.

These stats were compiled before the Reds took on the Cubs on June 11th.

Just take a look at these odd stats.

For the Cincinnati Reds:

  • Morgan played in 1154 contests.
  • Phillips has participated in 1111.

  • Morgan collected 1155 hits.
  • Phillips has cracked out 1228.

  • Morgan slugged at a .470 clip.
  • Phillips has gone for a .448 slugging percentage.

  • Morgan drove in 612 RBIs
  • Phillips has hammered home 615.

  • Morgan batted at a cool .281 pace.
  • Phillips has maintained a .288 average.

  • Morgan clobbered 152 home runs.
  • Phillips has 152 to his name.

  • Morgan sprinted his way to 27 triples
  • Phillips also has 27.

  • Morgan had 220 doubles.
  • Phillips has 222 two-baggers.

A bit eery in some spots huh?

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